Doctor Who and his Bizarre Fans

Rumours and comment are rife this week as it emerges that Hollywood actor Rob Lowe (“St Elmo’s Fire” (1985), “The West Wing” (1999), the “Austin Powers” films ) is a fan of Doctor Who! According to BBCi, complimentary London Underground paper “Metro” quotes Lowe as saying “I love the show, and did not realise they were remaking it. I’d even play a Dalek.”

As BBCi point out, Liz Hurley has already been outed as a Jon Pertwee fan. Here are’s top ten fantasy Doctor Who fans:

10.Janet Fielding – well, it would be nice for the “mouth on legs” to say something nice

9.Richard Madeley – only so we can see his poor impersonation of the Third Doctor

8.Tony Blair – bound to be a fan of the new series, if only to win votes

7.The Who – it just has to be; it fits.

6.The Dalai Lama – no doubt a big fan, the Dalai Lama has watched the show since the moment Fulton Mackay fluffed his lines in The Silurians.

5.Katie Melua – is apparently a massive fan of the Zygons, and is often seen riding robotic dinosaurs through Loch Ness

4.Quentin Tarantino – would be on hand to direct the most extreme Doctor Who story of all time, no doubt featuring a soundtrack of forgotten songs and starring Uma Thurman as a light-footed companion

3.Eric Idle – that would provide us with an alternative theme song

2.Gary Glitter – he has to be a fan, simply because his bank balance expanded when The Time Lords released “Doctorin’ the TARDIS” based on his “Rock and Roll (part 2)”

1.Doctor Who – in a Universe this large, surely there could be a benevolent Time Lord watching over us? will be watching with interest to see how many more celebrity fans the show has by the end of the new series…


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