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BBC Wales Today ran a report yesterday evening on the progress of the new series, now inits final week of filming. Running at minutes, the reporter of the item summarized Doctor Who and the new production over old footage, including clips from Spearhead From Space, City of Death, Resurrection of the Daleks and The Curse of Peladon.

The Official Doctor Who website carried a link to the BBC Wales Today show until this morning; but we have a transcript here:

Anchor: it’s been over a year in production, but the new series of doctor who is nearly here. Due to hit our screen in the spring, the updated version of the classic science fiction program which sent some of us scurrying behind the sofa promises to be an all-new modern affair. The time travelling TARDIS will be there, and of course the Daleks will be back. But what else can we expect? Matt Murray has been finding out.

[Dalek sound effect]

MM: Wobbly sets, disused quarries and low-budget effects are all due to be a thing of the past in the new series of Doctor Who. As the new multi-million pound BBC Wales production enters it’s last week of filming, the makers of the program say that the updated version of the science fiction classic will be able to compete with some of the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

Ed Thomas (designer): We still have a budget as all productions have budgets, and we’ve tried our best with expectations of films of today and all the CGI elements and, you know, we’ve got a lot to live up to.

MM: At its height, Doctor who reached an audience of up to 16 million in the UK, and 110 million worldwide. Recapturing those figures will be an almost impossible task in the multi-channel age, but there’s already such hype surrounding the new series, there’s even talk that this year’s must have Christmas toy will be a new Dalek. And enthusiasts say there’s already plenty out there.

Unknown: We’ve got remote-controlled Daleks, we’ve got Dalek, er, limited edition Dalek and Davros cookie jars, some of which are now available, we’ve got limited edition K-9 cookie jars as well, we’ve got action figures, talking Tom Baker dolls, and I suspect we’ll probably have working props of the sonic screwdriver from the new series before long.

MM: The new series will star Christopher Eccleston as the time-travelling Doctor and Billie Piper as his sidekick Rose. And the production has been penned by Swansea-born writer Russell T. Davies, who believes the series will be good news for Wales.

RTD: The part that we’re filming here tonight is an episode that actually set in Cardiff so we’ve used the city to look like wartime London, and looked to look like spaceships in the year 500,000 and I wanted to do one episode that made the city look beautiful, you know the way in you how something like Cold Feet made Manchester look beautiful, or London often looks beautiful in dramas, and this one’s specifically written to show modern day Cardiff off as a beautiful place.

MM: Apparently the Doctor’s scarf won’t be making a return for the new series, but with all-new hovering Daleks, the biggest obstacle this time round won’t be stairs, it will be how to compete against the ever-popular reality tv programs of a Saturday night. Matt Murray, BBC Wales, in Cardiff?


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