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The SFX website has released exclusive details of Doctor Who Confidential, the BBC3 show that is being run to compliment the new series. There are 13 episodes in total, each 30 minutes long, narrated by Simon Pegg; combining behind-the-scenes footage with clips from the original run, as well as interviews with the actors and production team, each Doctor Who Confidential is shaped by the new series episode preceding it on BBC1. Therefore, those of you who would be offended by any type of spoiler should move on to another article.

The article is reprinted below, or can be read at its original home here.

Auntie Beeb has released full details of Doctor Who’s companion show, a series of 13 half hours which will be airing after each episode over on BBC 3.

Narrated by our chum Simon Pegg, the series will combine behind-the-scenes footage with interviews with the cast, the production team, and past Doctors.

Here’s the full break-down of all 13 episodes from the Beeb’s press release.

EPISODE 1: Back From The Future

To link with the first sighting of the Doctor and first sighting of the TARDIS and, of course, the Doctor saving the world again. This episode reminds us of all the elements of Who that make his return so mouth-watering…

EPISODE 2: Aliens – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Making convincing aliens – behind the scenes of the space station, “Platform One” – behind the scenes making the prosthetics – showing how they work – we visit The Mill to show the CGI for the new series and take a look back at aliens from the past.


From behind the scenes of the Dickens set in Swansea we take a good long look at the TARDIS and its vital role in the Doctor’s adventures. We look at all the different worlds that the present and past doctors visit and visited.

EPISODE 4: I Get A Side-kick Out Of You

Rose and her predecessors. What does it take to make the grade as the Doctor’s companion? We look back at companions from the past: Why does the Doctor need Rose? What does she add to the mix?

EPISODE 5 : Life On Earth

The Doctor’s links to Earth/relationships with humans/his humanity/ what makes him alien and why he appeals to us all.

EPISODE 6 : The Daleks

Following the return of the Doctor’s most feared foe. We watch the tests [tests? what tests? Is there a Dalek operator proficiency certificate? – SFX], see how they work, and meet the men behind the metal.

EPISODE 7: The Dark Side

Evil genii and sudden death – the vital ingredients of Doctor Who. [Evil genii? What evil genii? Interesting… – SFX]

EPISODE 8 : A Time And A Place

Looking at each Doctor as a product of his time, and looking at how the Doctor has evolved over the last forty years.


Following the director in a meeting with The Mill (CGI), model makers and prosthetics people and looking at the first stages of talking through the FX through til they’re finally finished. We follow the start to the finish of the making of episode nine – creating the look and sound of aliens and alien worlds. How do you light a spaceship? How do you make space?

EPISODE 10: The Weird Science of Doctor Who

Starting with the sonic screwdriver’s appearance, we look into the weird science that is Doctor Who. From “a hole in the time vortex” to “I’ll tell you later”; from flying a helicopter to arguing with a small metal dog.

EPISODE 11: Unsung Heroes And Violent Death

Coming off the back of an episode that deals mainly with death and justice, we look at the importance of death to Doctor Who and look at his moral code.

EPISODE 12: The Cult Of Who

The conventions, the reactions, the anticipation of the fans who have had a feast of sci-fi treats over the past 12 weeks. We will look at the fans on-set, the clamour for sci-fi facts, the problems with confidentiality, through to the success of merchandising.

EPISODE 13: Finale

Review of the past 13 weeks – the highs and lows of life with the Doctor and Rose.

The whole series promises to be an intelligent, thoughtful and entertaining look at the vastness of Doctor Who, and celebrate many of the elements that make the show Britain’s most famous television export. Kasterborous will be watching the series with interest.

27th February Update

This item was later dropped by SFX (the following day, the 25th) following a notification from the BBC that the Press Release containing the information was yet to be cleared.

However, as is the way with the Internet, it is now in the public domain and remains online in at least 3 places.


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