Doctor Who Magazine #353

The new issue is of course on sale, and a few new facts about the new series have been confirmed. In order:

Episode 11 – The Parting of the Ways – is now in its own production block.

John Barrowman – West End sensation – has arrived for filming on Episodes 9 and 10. His early casting was due to his heavy workload.

More casting has been confirmed, with Episode 7 – The Long Game – enjoying the talents of Colin Prockter (“Coronation Street”, “Trial and Retribution”) as the “Head Chef” and Judy Holt (“Queer as Folk”, “Springhill”) as “Sandra”.

Meanwhile, each episode will have on-screen titles – and the two-parters will have different titles! According to Phil Collinson: “Each episode of the two-part stories will have a different title. Which means that Epsiode 4 will be called Aliens of London, while Episode 5 will have a brand new title…”

Finally, information about Doctor Who Confidential, the 13-part BBC Three documentary has also been released in DWM. The show will broadcast behind-the-scenes footage, contain old footage as well as new, and will be narrated by Simon Pegg. Each of the thirteen parts will look at a particular theme in that evening’s Doctor Who.


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