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SFX Magazine’s online version are running a series of 10 behind-the-scenes photos plus observer comment. It’s not the first time SFX have published behind-the-scenes shots, but it is good to see images of this sort online.

Meanwhile, we’ve reproduced the commentary, by Darren Floyd here:

There’s a very good reason I didn’t have a camera.

I’d been talking to a female work college who had a titanic hangover, who showed me pictures of the TARDIS outside the Millennium Centre.

“F**k! Why didn’t anyone tell me sooner?” So I pocketed the camera and cycled down there after work, only to find a wino passed out on a bench and some skater scrouts being rubbish. Same old, same old.

The next day I got an e-mail from a mate, who told me that they were filming over at the Records Office in Cardiff, that they’d cast one of his mates as an extra, and if I was quick…

I did hesitate, cause I’ve nearly broken my neck hareing across town to see nothing much in particular. But I decided that it was worth it, so I hammered it across town to see… nothing much in particular.

The familiar hire vans were around, with members of the crew looking piss-bored. I chained my bike up and wandered in the office. There were cameras and film paraphernalia around, but no real activity. I nosed around a bit, and almost went into an office – before I saw that it belonged to the Lord Mayor.

Oh well, nothing ventured…I got back on my bike and began to cycle back to work. Then I saw the sign for the Records Office, where the f**k had I walked into? Never mind, I cycled towards it before being stopped by a female production BodyWarmer with a strong North Wales accent.

“Do you mind hanging on for a bit? We’re filming.”

“Course not, what are you filming?” I asked innocently.

“Doctor Who”, she replied.

“Oh yeah, are they making that again?”

“Yeah, we’re filming up till March.”

“Oh, right.”

Then she let me cycle through and I found myself in a large courtyard.

And there on a balcony above me was Christopher Eccleston.

Oh my giddy Christ. All these months and I finally see him! e walked back into a room and they began to set up for another shot.

It was then that I realised that I’d left my camera in my other jacket. Bollocks. So all that was left to me so sit back and enjoy the ambience of the filming. Oh, and to phone Steve O’Brien from SFX and babble uncontrollably at him, and for him to call me a “twat” for not taking the camera.

What I saw was a woman who looked like Margery Dawes from Little Britain run out the room onto the balcony in a panic, while looking behind her, and climbing down a ladder which had been set up from the courtyard. Then the Doctor (HURRAH!) came out of the room and shouted “Margaret!” before using a mobile phone and saying “… calling in.” He was then set upon by a Tory, the Doctor overcame him (HURRAH!) and ran after Margery/Margaret. He then leapt over the banister of the balcony, climbed down the ladder, ran across the courtyard and ran through the archway that I’d only just cycled through.

After seeing this being done a few times, I thought I’d better get back to work. As Eccleston was only a few yards away, I considered going to shake his hand and tell him that I was looking forward to seeing the show. I didn’t, partly because after the third take of him running around he looked quite puffed, and also because if I had I would have just babbled and asked him to come along to the DJ night that my mate does.

Cycling back, sent a text to a mate.

“I’ve just seen the Doctor.”

“You alright?” he asked.

“Yeah! Doctor Who!”

“I hope you two will be very contented together.” I could almost see his eyes rolling as he typed it. I’m embarrassed at how happy it made seeing Eccleston in action.

Meanwhile the photographs (by Adrian Hart) and the original page can be found here.

Future Publishing’s main SFX site is here.


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