BBC Reports Internet Leak

BBC News online has confirmed what most Net-savvy Doctor Who fans already know. In the report the BBC are quoted as saying the leak of Rosewas:

“a significant breach of copyright which is currently under investigation…We would urge viewers not to spoil their enjoyment and to wait for the finished version which airs at the end of the month.”

The report also mentions uncertainty regarding the episode’s status as a final cut before going on to talk about the casting of Christopher Eccleston: “He e-mailed me and said if we were looking for a Doctor Who, he’d be interested,” said Russell T Davies, in quote from Radio Times magazine.

Meanwhile, the news is also reported on at the online version of The Guardian. Mention is made of the AICN reviews (see our forum) as well as encouraging news from a UK-based file sharing group UKNova:

“it is not in the overall interests of this site to distribute a copy of such a long-awaited and high-profile show before it is aired”.

TARDIS Appearance

Elsewhere, the TARDIS has made a public appearance. In a BBC incentive to reach out to the Welsh population, their Community Strategy is set to visit 4 locations. Currently in the North Wales town of Denbigh, the initiative is designed to allow the BBC to get to know their audience better, and features various Welsh tv presenters and weathermen as well as the iconic Police Box. Click here for the original article.

ITV Audience Slump

Finally, interesting news which could be a good omen for Doctor Who – ITV’s audience has slumped. Apparently a 10% drop in ITV’s audience share equates to 1.5 million viewers per night not tuning in. Furthermore, worst hit is said to be the 16-34 year old audience, one of the main target audiences of the new Doctor Who. How this will transfer into audience figures on March 26th of course is another matter entirely…

The above report can be read here.


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