Doctor Who – New Series Preview

And so here we are… the pinnacle of the last 18 months. In just a few days, the new series of Doctor Who will be here. If I may say that again,


Now I’m not going to go into whys, wherefore and whatevers regarding cancellation – that’s for other less well-written websites to deal with. No, I’m going to ramble on deliriously about the fact that the new Doctor Who is almost upon us, and what I’m looking forward to most. Now there are a handful of things below that might be considered spoilers. But if I’m willing to read them, you should be fine as I’m very allergic to Doctor Who spoilers. I didn’t even know the show was ending in 1989…

As we all know, Christopher Eccleston is the Ninth Doctor. He looks superb, and that’s just from watching the trailers. I’ve been told by those that have seen the first episode that he is excellent; funny and at the same time commanding. This sounds similar to Eccleston’s performance as Stephen Baxter, the Son of God in Russell T. Davies’ “The Second Coming”. I think he has the ability to make an impact in the role on a par with Tom Baker; bearing in mind what this would mean for Eccleston’s own eventual successor…

Over the course of the next 13 Saturdays, we’re going to see the Doctor and Rose visit the far future, the near future, the recent past, the mid-twentieth century and the late 19th century. They’ll battle Autons and Daleks and new creatures such as the Gelth and the Slitheens. Earth will be invaded by aliens from outer space and the ramifications of time travel will be explored.

Rose, played by Billie Piper, should become the Doctor’s new best friend. With her help, the new younger audience will see what most of us older fans saw as children – the wonder and excitement and awe of time travel, the Universe and alien beings of both a benevolent nature and a fiercely destructive one. The Doctor, meanwhile, will become our best friend as he saves Earth every week from hordes of alien invaders. Just like the old days!

So, as the new series is just DAYS away (wow, DAYS!) let’s have a brief look at each episode…

Episode 1: Rose

A shop girl named Rose encounters a mysterious stranger called “the Doctor”. He, meanwhile, is on Earth to fight the Nestene Consciousness.

This episode introduces Rose, played by Billie Piper and reintroduces the TARDIS and the Doctor and the Autons. And the Sonic Screwdriver.

Episode 2: The End of the World

The Doctor takes Rose on her first trip in the TARDIS, to watch as the Sun expands and destroys Earth in the distant future.

On board Platform One an assortment of aliens can be found, Mos Eisley-style. It is believed that the “Moxx of Balhoon” appears in this story, as referred to by Russell T Davies in his DWM column. The “spider-creatures” are also said to appear in this episode. Zoe Wanamaker also features as (what is left of…) the last human.

Episode 3: The Unquiet Dead

The Doctor and Rose visit 19th century Cardiff and encounter Charles Dickens. The Doctor discovers ghost-like aliens called the Gelth who require physical forms…

Simon Callow stars as Charles Dickens in this episode.

Episode 4 & 5: The Aliens of London & Unconfirmed

An alien spacecraft crashlands in the Thames, finally revealing that mankind has neighbours… The Slitheen take over the British government in order to start World War 3 and take Earth for their own.

Penelope Wilton, Annette Badland, Rupert Vansittart and BBC Political Editor Andrew Marr all feature in this episode, shots of which feature prominently in the main Doctor Who trailers.

Episode 6: Uncomfirmed

The Doctor and Rose land at a mysterious underground museum, full of alien artefacts. Its owner is particularly proud of the “Metaltron”…

This episode features the Dalek photographed by the UK Press last year. Nicholas Briggs (known for his Big Finish work) provides the voice of the Dalek.

Episode 7: The Long Game

In the year 200,000, one news agency broadcasts to the entire Human Empire.

Simon Pegg features in this episode, which features fantastic futuristic design.

Episode 8: Unconfirmed

The Doctor and Rose visit the late 1980s to meet her late father. This causes the premature End of the World.

This episode is written by Paul Cornell.

Episode 9 & 10: The Empty Child & The Doctor Dances

During the Blitz, a spacecraft crashes in London. The Doctor meets Captain Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman.

Richard Wilson also features in this episode, written by Steven Moffat.

Episode 11: Unconfirmed

The Doctor discovers that someone he thought long-dead is still alive…

This is the episode Russell T Davies wrote to show off modern Cardiff

Episode 12 & 13: The Parting of the Ways

The Doctor and Rose encounter the Daleks. New, improved Daleks…

Very little is known about this story, but there are certain to be some shocks in store!

So as the series comes to an end in 13 weeks time, what will we be talking about? What will be the high point? The best thing will no doubt be the exciting news that there will be a second series. This of course hasn’t been announced yet, and will depend on audience reaction and figures. Audience figures can of course be drastically affected by the Press – reaction from that quarter has to be positive.

Meanwhile, the portrayal of the Doctor and his relationship with Rose (a mention of “love”…) are two other aspects that we’ll be talking about, as well as the success level of any new aliens and recurring characters. And no doubt at the end of the series we’ll talk more about the Daleks…

If you’re still not excited by the new series, go dig out your season 9 videos and DVDs and lock yourself away from 3 months mate. This is going to be the best-looking, best-acted, best-scripted series of Doctor Who so far. FACT.


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