Rose Leak

As warned against here at Kasterborous just a couple of days ago, P2P sharing of the new series has begun. Following a leak onto the Internet of the first episode of the new series (Rose), discussion has been rife in the rec.arts.drwho newsgroup and Outpost Gallifrey about the first episode of the show – as well as the ethics of downloading copyrighted material.

The story goes that someone from a foreign broadcasting corporation uploaded a video file of Rose and this has now been viewed by a number of Doctor Who fans. This is potentially a very difficult time for the BBC – fan reaction before the show airs could be self-destructive.

Furthermore, if the source of the leak is confirmed it could be deemed bad business by the BBC to deal with this particular broadcaster. Obviously we hope that this development will not damage the new series – its unlikely as only a handful of the expected UK audience are believed to have seen the leaked episode, which features Doctor Who (Christopher Eccleston) and Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) meeting for the first time.

Other websites are encouraging not only fan discussion of this leak, but also of their opinions of the episode. While this may seem the sensible thing to do initially, it may be seen to be damaging and divisive in the long run.

Meanwhile, a thread has already been active for a couple of days in the Kasterborous forum; viewing is free, and signing up is quick and easy:

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