UK Press Round-up

Doctor Who is again seeping into the national psyche. At the very least, its in the public eye again as 4 newspaper features over the last 2 days have shown.

To begin, we have today’s edition of The Sun, popular tabloid red-top. Entitled, “Dr Who’s wheelie bins war”, the online version of the paper describes how the inanimate, everyday household items are possessed by the Autons in the new series. The original article can be read here – there is a full feature in the print version.

Mondays Media Guardian features an interview with Russell T. Davies; “Doctoring the Tardis” by Gareth McLean is an interesting look at RTDs career and standing in the media industry (including quotes from his peers) as well as a brief summary of Doctor Who, new Doctor Who and what it means to a modern audience. The article ends with a summary of Davies’ most famous work, and says this about Doctor Who:

As lead writer and executive producer, Davies has assembled a formidable cast, and impressive writers. His passion for the project is apparent as he reinvigorates a tired science-fiction franchise and introduces a brand new generation of kids to the Daleks. His ear for dialogue has never been keener as Rose asks the Doctor: “If you’re an alien, how come you sound like you’re from the north?” “Lots of planets have norths”.

Meanwhile in the printed Sunday Times, Ben Dowell’s “Elevate, exterminate: Daleks conquer stairs in new Doctor Who” conquers well-trodden ground as it celebrates the Daleks “new” ability to fly “using rocket-boosters”. Thankfully a far more intelligent piece appeared in the Sunday Times Culture supplement where Bryan Appleyard discusses with his usual authority the tone of the new show, RTDs influence on its style and The Mill’s special effects. Appleyard seems positive about the episodes he saw (1-6, probably) and certainly after his many mentions of Doctor Who on BBC Radio 4s Today on Saturday, I think he enjoyed what he saw. This article is available from the Times Online website here.

Finally, we have the Observer. Rachel Cooke waxes lyrical about her childhood admiration for Doctor Who in this 2 page feature, where she describes the shows history. While impressed, it seems that Ms Cooke is far more comfortable in her memories of the show. However, the article is certainly worth a read – if not for her Sarah Jane Smith aspirations – and sees Russell T Davies guess there are 2000 Doctor Who fans, while DWM Editor Clayton Hickman states the magazine sales at 30,000.

These last two articles are available in the print versions of their respective newspapers; meanwhile, press opinion certainly seems favourable!


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