Weekend Press Update

The Time Lord’s return seeps ever deeper into the public consciousness, and now just two weeks to his return, the UK press begin to look at the human condition and how Doctor Who applies. No, seriously.

Firstly, Darian Leader investigates the place Doctor Who has within the hearts of the nation, speculating how the show bridges the gap between childhood and adulthood. There are also references to various household objects and their own representations in the show. The article can be read in its entirety here.

Meanwhile, Mary Riddell measures our fascination with aliens and UFOs against the return of Doctor Who, and the parts both play in modern culture. This Observer article is reproduced here.

In a more down-to-earth and domestic mood, David Smith and Stephen Moss look at the renaissance of the beautiful country of Wales as a cultural centre, making several relevant references to the return of Doctor Who and the series launch there this week. For further reading on this matter, click here.

Finally (and most tenously), Bryan Appleyard investigates the claims of one scientist that mankind may soon be able to expect a life span of over 1000 years. Whether or not he’s been watching Caves of Androzani isn’t clear, but he does make reference to the possibility of wars over the source of rejuvenating chemicals, much as we as a species fight over oil.

This article can be read here


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