10th Doctor Update

The Guardian’s Media Monkey today published this gem:

· It was an example of tactical cunning worthy of Davros himself. The BBC has known for three months that Christopher Eccleston wouldn’t do a second series of Doctor Who, but played dumb for fear the star’s imminent departure would puncture the hype around the show’s return. The BBC’s favourite to succeed him, David Tennant, can be expected to stick around a little longer – when he was three years old the Casanova star used to run around his garden pretending to be the doctor, and says his earliest memory is watching Jon Pertwee regenerate into Tom Baker. Such devotion. Whisper it quietly, but he also collects Doctor Who DVDs.

· Christopher Eccleston says he quit Doctor Who because he was worried about being typecast. You shouldn’t have worried about that, Chris – you’ll always be DCI Bilborough to us.

Which clearly confirms what Kasterborous has suspected since news of Eccleston’s departure was revealed. Three months ago, shooting on the new series was still intensive and a decision by the ninth Doctor Who on his immediate future could easily have been reflected in redrafted scripts for the later episodes of the show.

As for the BBC’s apparent “playing dumb” of the departure – who could expect any less from them under the circumstances? There is no reason why they would want to scupper their Saturday night flagship before it was due to air!

Meanwhile, news has yet to filter out of the BBC regarding confirmation of David Tennant’s casting or not. While the entire fan community seems more or less certain that he will play the youngest Doctor since Peter Davison, we wait with baited breath. The Guardian again have been profiling each of the actors who have played the Doctor including Mr Tennant, who they describe as:

Though not officially confirmed, the BBC says he is “the only name being looked at” to be the next Doctor Who. Tennant is a classically trained, Scottish actor who has played the lead in a Royal Shakespeare Company production of Romeo and Juliet. He is currently on British TV in the starring role of Casanova and will get even greater exposure as Barty Crouch Jr in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, due for release in cinemas later this year.

The Media Monkey column can be read online here – click here for James Sturke’s look at the 10 Doctors.


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