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6.9 million viewers = bad? Well, when you get beaten by 2 Geordie monkeys, maybe… Doctor Who came second in the Saturday tea-time viewing stakes this weekend, with Aliens of London achieving 200,000 less viewers than the ITV competition.

The show did however receive lower trailer promotion than earlier in the series, with the BBC no doubt holding back considerable promotional time for the return of the Doctor’s oldest enemy in part 6…

Rumours regarding Christopher Eccleston this weekend suggest that the outgoing Time Lord is to appear in a film version of Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” as Silas. Shooting is due to begin in June for the Ron howard directed film – you can read more here.

Update 20th April

The above story can be found in more detail on GuardianUnlimited – it gives more information such as other names already cast (Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou) and the confirmation of the use of a key location in the book – Rosslyn Chapel. The Louvre has already granted access to the film crew. GuardianOnline quotes a source as saying:

“As soon as film producers spotted Chris on Doctor Who they knew they had to go for him – he has everything they want. He is a very serious and respected actor who always gives a great performance. He would be brilliant as Silas…Chris has now been sent a script and is mulling it over – but he has been told he may have to wear a long white wig.”

Update Ends

The Scotsman meanwhile has run a report on the weekends BAFTA ceremony (in which the Tom Baker-narrated comedy “Little Britain” swept the board). Among the doyens of British television, stage and screen in attendance was incoming Time Lord David Tennant, who wore a kilt for the event, and said:

“The expectations are fierce. Tom Baker wore a long scarf but they haven’t worn one since, so I don’t know if I will wear one.”

Asked if he was going to play the part in a Scottish accent, he said: “All of that is up for grabs at the moment but Doctor Who is the best show ever and I can’t wait.”

He said he was delighted that Billie Piper would continue in the role as the Doctor’s assistant, Rose: “She’s not going to get away from me – I think she’s a very good actress.”

Asked how long he had signed up for, he said: “Let’s get through one at a time. I’d love to do a hundred years but they might sack me.”

And if anyone in New Zealand is still in denial regarding the departure of Christopher Eccleston, has rather belatedly confirmed the casting of David Tennant.


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