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So, come Saturday night, we’ll all be celebrating the return of the Daleks! We’ll gasp at the new design, hide behind the sofa as it takes on all those soldiers, and coo as it opens up to reveal its insides. And then we’ll run out of drinks… unless we happen to be Mr Neil Woods of Chelmsford. Yes that’s right with just £500 you too can have your own “Barlek”. Neil Woods has indeed built a drinks cabinet out of MDF in the shape of a Dalek – complete with disco lights and stopcocks – and plane to “fit a motor and turn it into a remote controlled servant.”.

You can see more of Neil Woods and his mini bar at

Meanwhile, Australian fans get ready – the Doctor is coming! On Saturday May 21st begins the new series of Doctor Who for those viewing ABC in Australia. Subtitled “Adventures in the Human Race” to distinguish it from the original series (the Tom Baker stories currently air on ABC), the first episode airs at 7.30pm – so get ready, just three weeks until the Doctor and Rose thrill Australia with new adventures… (incidentally, Russell T. Davies “The Second Coming” starring Christopher Eccleston and Mark Benton is on ABC this Sunday at 8.30).

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Brian A Terranova


Doctor Who and me go way back. I first discovered it on my local PBS Station WHYY in the suburbs outside Philadelphia when I was a young kid; though I am uncertain of the exact age.

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