Ou Est Mary Whitehouse?

Kids not sleeping? Bedwetting becoming a problem? Then don’t let your children watch any more Doctor Who!

It seems that the BBC has recieved upwards of 50 complaints about last weeks 3rd installment, The Unquiet Dead. While the show obviously refused to shy away from the gruesome, how on earth is this aspect any different to when the parents themselves watched as children? Are memories that short – and is parental common sense in such short supply?

From the BBC:

“Doctor Who has never been intended for the youngest of children and in line with the BBC’s scheduling policy, the later a programme appears in the schedules, the less suitable it is for very young children to watch unsupervised,” it said in a statement.

“We would suggest it would be a programme which eight-year-olds and above would enjoy watching with their parents.”

On the back of two episodes deemed “not scary enough”, The Unquiet Dead is rated as “too scary”; thankfully however, we no longer have the thought police (or National Viewers’ and Listeners’ Association (NVLA)) to parade Doctor Who as a demonstration of the evils of Britain, no more Mary Whitehouse banging her own bigoted, small minded drum.

Later in the day, and the BBC website have published a version of the story – noting how they have withdrawn advice that the show is too scary for under s from their complaints site more information on this can be found here – incidentally, you can read the full response here at BBC Complaints

Should you wish, scroll down the page on the BBC News site and ad your own comments – our very own Anthony Dry has!

The Guardian article on which this item is based can be found here


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