Australia Broadcast Time & Date!, renowned as the scourge of movie studios and broadcasters around the world have revealed the broadcast time & date for the new series of Doctor Who in Australia! The ABC channel has picked it up, so scroll down the page a little for the information all of you Australia-based fans have been waiting for…

The links below are from the AICN site, which was updated on Saturday – so we’re a little late on this one…

The words below are the original item reproduced in full from here – the links below worked as this item was made live, so if ABC move anything…

Long-time Doctor Who fan, first-time traveler. Er.

Doctor Who is thankfully coming to Australia’s ABC (their BBC equivalent) sometime in May, and tease us as they will with short trailers these last few weeks, they just won’t give us an air-date.

However, after a little bit of URL-fiddling with their online TV guide that normally only lets you see one day ahead, I can proudly, exclusively and very excitedly announce that all us poor souls in Australia – especially Brits like me that left the motherland for this sunnier country at the exact wrong moment – that the first episode of new series of Doctor Who will air at 7:30pm on Saturday the 21st March.

Link to the programme and air-date details are here: and the rest of the days naturally inferior viewing is here:

Nice to see they’ve billed it as “must-see TV” (and I’m sure it is) and I hope they don’t butcher it the same way they did with Christopher Eccleston’s and Russell T Davis’ “The Second Coming” last Sunday – which was probably only shown to raise awareness of the new Doctor Who lead – cutting it’s running time from 144 minutes to 110! if you use this, call me The Ferret!

Meanwhile, there is a few words on the ABC site about the new series:

When the new series of Doctor Who begins on ABC TV on Saturday May 21 at 7.30 pm, Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) is preparing to leave the department store where she works when she is asked to deliver a parcel to the store’s electrician in the basement. The electrician is nowhere to be seen and Rose finds herself locked in a room with store dummies. Slowly, one of the dummies begins to move towards her and when all of the dummies begin to menace her she realizes she is in big trouble.

Rose is rescued by a mysterious man who tells her that the dummies are Autons, living plastic operated by a relay device in the roof of the store. The stranger says that he is “The Doctor” (Christopher Eccleston). “Nice to meet you Rose. Run for your life,” he tells her as he battles one of the Autons. Rose flees the building just before it erupts in a terrible explosion. Soon, after another encounter with the Doctor, she meets Clive (Mark Benton), a strange geek who tells her, “If the Doctor’s making house-calls, then God help you.”

Rose thinks Clive is a weirdo but soon, when drawn to the lair of the Nestene Consciousness with The Doctor, she realises that her mum, Jackie (Camille Coduri), her boyfriend, Mickey (Noel Clarke) and the whole of Planet Earth are in danger. The only hope for salvation lies inside a strange blue police box. Rose’s life will never be the same again.


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