Billie Departure…

Amongst all of the rumours and speculation of the 2nd series of new Doctor Who, one of the most prominent was whether or not the beautful Ms Billie Piper would be returning for more than a few episodes… today, most of the tabloid press have reported that the character of Rose Tyler will not be travelling with the Doctor at then end of the second series.

This has just been confirmed by the BBC website; most of the Press meanwhile have been treating the departure as something of a disaster following the departure of Chritsopher Eccleston, although this of course is unlikely to be the case. Doctor Who las long had a tradition of successfully encountering and managing change, from the departure of the Doctor’s grand-daughter in 1964 and his own later regeneration in 1966 to the modern incarnation of the show.

Reports of Billie’s departure can be found in The Sun,The Mirror and the Daily Mail and The Star, should you feel the urge to visit their websites…

Current speculation is that Rose will be replaced as the Doctor’s travelling companion by her boyfreind Mickey, although this of course remains to be seen. No doubt new suggestions for replacements will pop up across the Press and the WWW over the next few months.

Ratings-wise, Doctor Who suffered with the weather this weekend as probably the most disturbing story yet this series pulled in 6.6 million viewers according to Media Guardian. While some naysayers might have feared for the Doctor in direct opposition to “Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace”, Lucas’ self-revisionistic oevre managed to pull a paltry 3.5 million viewers for ITV1. And fans of Star Wars have debated for years what the title alluded to…

Finally, news from Digital Spy – Colin Baker is to appear in “Little Britain”!

Hot on the heels of an appearance by Billie Piper and of course the insane narration of fourth Doctor Who Tom Baker, sixth Doctor Who Colin says:

“I enjoy doing comedy after drama…It’s a bit like a diet. You need variety.”

He is also reported as saying of the new series:

“I think it’s fabulous. The scripts are excellent, and the production values are very good.”

You can’t help feeling a bit sorry for him on that count…


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