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Hot on the heels of yesterdays “shock” announcement that Billie Piper would not be appearing in the entire second series of Doctor Who, the papers have naturally begun their speculation as expected. While the trusty Guardian chose to stick to the facts (albeit quoting a DigitalSpy forum post…) and quote a BBC spokesperson:

“It has not been confirmed how many episodes she will be in,” she said. “We are waiting to see the storylines and scripts.”

The Mirror decided to regale us – in true tabloid fashion – with a list of their own “suitable” candidates for the mantle of companion/assistant:



SINGER, 27, with limited acting experience. Starred in TV series with her band S Club 7.

DALEKTABLE? Gorgeous – and fits “nice legs” criteria. Had a £100,000 Pretty Polly ad deal.



THE Morning After Show host, 25, is in thriller The Mechanik with Dolph Lundgren this year.

DALEKTABLE? Girl-next-door looks but could use her martial arts skills to help the Doctor.



EASTENDERS star, 21, is to bow out of the show as Slater sister Zoe later this summer.

DALEKTABLE? A raunchy photo shoot showed, this statuesque girl would kick alien ass.



AUSSIE actress, 25, was in Casanova with Tennant. Shared a bed with Brad Pitt in Troy.

DALEKTABLE?: Smouldering sexuality but she thinks English men are too reserved.



ULSTER beauty, 21, was in Wire in the Blood, Brookside and stage play Loyal Women.

DALEKTABLE? Most definitely. Sexy with enough attitude to take on 100 Daleks.



CROSSROADS star, 24, appeared in Silent Witness and Yakult “good bacteria” ads.

DALEKTABLE? Dark-haired and gorgeous she would eat an auton for breakfast.



THE 26-year-old played nurse Roxy Bird in Casualty and is currently filming Bleak House.

DALEKTABLE? Cute and quirky. Only just lost out to Piper last time around.



ACTRESS, 28, stunned in Tipping the Velvet and Miss Marple’s Murder at the Vicarage.

DALEKTABLE? Sultry with a cheeky edge – also the daughter of veteran actress Diana Rigg.



RADA-trained actress, 25, who got rave reviews as Alice in the RSC’s Alice in Wonderland.

DALEKTABLE?: Stunning – and posh to boot. Will dazzle all of enemies with looks and charm.

While all wonderful choices ( Rebecca Clarke for an updated Sarah Jane Smith vibe?) we’ll sit back at Kasterborous and wait and see.

25th May Update

icwales meanwhile have reported that Executive Producer and storyliner Russell T Davies has refused to comment on the departure of Ms Piper…

27th May Update

The Daily Star – tabloid upholder of the truth (!) – crowned Jennifer Ellison (“Brookside”, “Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera”) as the new companion.

We’ll see…


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