More Censorship…

“Horrible” is the word used to describe the scene cut from Saturday’s Doctor Who. “Disgusting” is the word that we are using, in a week when the BBFC enforce their nanny rule over us and decide that two DVDs of a family show with no brutal deaths in should have higher certificate ratings than the first installment of “Lord of the Rings”. the BBC should not have yielded to pressure and broadcast the show in its entirety. Whether or not our enjoyment of The Empty Child is tempered by this revelation or not is academic.

With this in mind, notice that the story has been reported across the Press – Phil Collinson is quoted on the BBC website as saying:

“It was about time we did a scary one. It’s a little thing involving the scene with Richard Wilson’s character and the gas mask. The whole sound effect that went with that was a lot more visceral. We watched it for the first time and said that was crossing over the line because it was a bit too horrible.”

It should be noted that the cut is the sound of bones splintering – the same sound edited prior to the broadcast of the Paul McGann TVM in 1996 from a scene where the newly-invigorated Master broke the neck of a woman with his bare hand. The Guardian has also covered the story, and mention the DVD censorship also.

And on a more light-hearted note, popular comic The Sun reports that the Doctor will be fighting off the flirty advances of bisexual character Captain Jack. The Daily Mail have yet to boycott the show. This fact is also mentioned on the BBC website link above – and we think its fair to say that as long as this is dealt with in the right way (which we know it will be – think Jackie Tyler “there’s a strange man in my room, anything could happen…” in Rose), then there’s absolutely no danger of this being anymore than character (Caotain Jack) reacting realistically to a situation.


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