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The Guardian, trusty broadsheet fans of Doctor Who, have this week entrusted yet another praising review of the latest episode to Sam Wollaston. Mostly a rambling article with regards to the Time Lord, Wollaston does note the similarity between the robotic incarnation of Ms Anne Robinson and some fearsome robots of the 1970s:

Scariest of all though is The Weakest Link. It’s presented by Anne Droid, who has the real Anne Robinson’s voice though she looks more like those metal aliens in that old Smash ad. “For mash get Smash,” those ones. Anne Droid disintegrates the loser after each round. “You are the weakest link, goodbye,”

If that style of appreciation isn’t to your taste, Russell T Davies – for it is he – has written a piece for MediaGuardian entitled Alien Resurrection. Here he discusses the perceived madness that people suspected in him for taking up what could have been considered a poisoned chalice, and tells how he filmed camera crews for DVD extras. Davies also tells how they stole production etchniques and story formatting wholesale from popular US drama, and his own fears for the series before transmission of Rose

I never expected any of this to work. I swear, I thought the niche would win. I’d watch rushes of Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper being so very, very excellent, and feel sad that all this hard work would be relegated to a Friday at midnight by week seven. But somehow, it seems to have worked, although you will not find me celebrating until after the last episode – sorry, season finale. And even then, I am not going to think too much about what worked. Beware the analysis. I went into the first series on instinct, and that’s how it should stay.

Popular sci-fi and cult website‘s Michael Hinman has written a surprisingly frank – and complimentary – review of the current series of Doctor Who. You can read it via the link above, but here’s a hint of the tone:

I guess what I am so confused about is why American audiences aren’t even being given a chance to see this show. SciFi Channel already has passed, and even BBC America doesn’t seem interested in bringing the show to its American audience. What is up with that? Sure, I have an affinity for British humor, but I know I’m not the only American who can get into this show and love it.

Elsewhere, Greg Hassal of Sydney Morning Herald has tyhis to say in his preview of Aliens of London:

Doctor Who, ABC, 7.30pm Saturday

The Doctor and Rose return to London so she can let her family know she’s all right, but the famously unreliable Tardis lands a year into the future. Not surprisingly, Rose’s mother and boyfriend are unamused, but soon everyone’s distracted by an alien craft that crashes into Big Ben before ditching into the Thames. Before long, aliens disguised as flatulent politicians have taken over No 10 Downing Street.

“Would you mind not farting while I’m trying to save the world,” admonishes the doctor. “Would you rather silent but deadly?” sneers an alien as it reveals its true form.

Writer Russell T. Davies has achieved a rare balancing act with the new Doctor Who, remaining true to the spirit of earlier versions while coming up with something new. He’s a fan and respects the show’s legacy, but this is no slavish copy. Rather, it’s a loving homage. In a sense, Davies has reclaimed the show from the geeks and returned it to the mainstream where it belongs

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Finally, I can admit at the bottom of the page that I have had contact witrh an edition of The Daily Mail (well, The Sunday Mail, anyway). While ashamed, I can at least yuse the excuse that it was to report news of Tom Baker’s opinion of incoming Doctor Who David Tennant!

NEW Doctor Who David Tennant has been given an intergalatic seal of approval by his hero, former Timelord Tom Baker.

Paisley-born Tennant, 33, has said Baker’s performance in the BBC series inspired him to become an actor.

Tom, 72, said: ‘It makes me feel very happy and proud.

‘I have caught a glimpse of Tennant and he has a kind of mercurial quality.

‘I suppose it’s star quality. You can believe he has secrets. I’m looking forward to David being hugely successful”

Casanova star Tennant will take over from current Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston in a Christmas special.

Tom starred as the Timelord for seven years from 1974.

But the actor, who is filming the final series of Monarch of the Glen in the Highlands, hasn’t seen the latest series, which ends on Saturday

And finally, stage school founder Sylvia Young has been made an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List, accorsding to The Stage Online. Young’s eponymous drama school trained, among others, Ms Billie Piper.


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