The superb online symbiosis to the current series of Doctor Who continues – not only do we have the UNIT website, GeoComtex and (originally Clive’s) Mickey’s website, we now have Featuring a summary of all the occurences of “Bad Wolf” in the series, the site also postulates some theories as to who or what “Bad Wolf” is…

Spoiler?(Highlight): You might notice a discalimer page at – select the page by pressing the CTRL key & A – there is an interesting added paragraph at the bottom…

BBC Programme Information have finally (and surpisingly) released limited detail about final episode The Parting of the Ways, reproduced below…

Doctor Who –

The Parting Of The Ways Ep 13/13

7.00-7.45pm BBC ONE

The Doctor’s travels reach a terrifying conclusion as the Earth is plunged into all-out war, in the final episode of the popular series written by Russell T Davies.

Rose Tyler has faced danger and seen wonders alongside The Doctor, but now their friendship is put to the test as Earth plunges into an epic war.With the human race being slaughtered,The Doctor is forced into terrible action.Will the time-travellers ever be reunited?

Christopher Eccleston is The Doctor, Billie Piper is Rose, John Barrowman is Captain Jack Harkness, Camille Coduri is Jackie Tyler and Noel Clarke is Mickey Smith.

The dashing Peter Davison, our Fifth Doctor Who, would like a cameo in the new incarnation of the show, according to The Daily Express. Absolutely no reason why not, we reckon – easily the most successful actor to star as the Doctor, his more mature look wouldn’t look out of place in an urban situation…

Meanwhile, The Mirror has published some information pertaining to evil harridan, scourge of the Welsh and “Weakest Link” host Anne Robinson’s appearance as the voice of Anne Droid in the episode Bad Wolf. They give us a dialogue quote from Rose’s experience on the Game Station “Weakest link” – apparently when quizzed by Anne Droid, Rose explains she is a “tourist”, to which the sharp-tongued host replies:

“So, you are unemployed yet you still have money to buy peroxide?”

Finally, Doctor Who is getting mentioned all over the place, such as in the Popbitch mailout and small mentions in the Press regarding the appearance of reality tv celebrities as voices of their robotic counterparts on the Game Station.

Oh and there is this little story in The Sun:

I really need a Doctor…

A DRIVER trapped in his car after a crash asked a paramedic for a mobile to phone his wife — and get her to video Dr Who.

The medic related the tale to a pal, who produces the BBC1 show.

Writer Russell T Davies said: “Honest to God, they got him one, he rang his wife and said ‘Tape Dr Who for me’.”

Davies said it showed the huge popularity of the relaunched series.


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