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The creative director of the BBCs Doctor Who Books range and author of titles such as System Shock, Millenium Shock, Ninth Doctor book, The Clockwise Man and monster book Monsters and Villains, Mr Justin Richards, has been interviewed for BBCi by Matt Gibson. The interview discusses the TARDIS crew, Daleks, “Points of View” complaints about The Empty Child, and Justin Richards opinion on Episode 12, Bad Wolf!

Amazon has listings and some covers for the next batch of Ninth Doctor books due for September release. Shown are the Doctor Who: Intergalatic Activity Book edited by Leanne Gill, Justin Richards’ The Deviant Strain and Gareth Roberts’ Only Human. An image of Steve Lyons’ The Stealer of Dreams, the Doctor Who Annual, and Russell T Davies Shooting Scripts are currently unavailable.

The Frequently Asked Questions Lists for Doctor Who Home Videos and DVDs in the United States and Canada carries in depth information on the release schedules of Doctor Who visual media in the North American continent. Any North American Doctor Who fan should keep it in there favourites – current news is that they won’t be seeing either the new series or a DVD release any time soon…

Series 1 Volume 2 of the current series of Doctor Who is released Monday, 13th June. It contains the epsiodes Aliens of London, World War Three and Dalek. DVD preview images are available from Eye of Horus. They also have interesting news about the release of the series boxset…


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