Captain Jack talks…

John Barrowman is interviewed in the current issue of SFX, which is adorned by an absolutley fantastic front cover featureing literally dozens of Daleks!

Barrowman talks about the high esteem in which British television is held in the USA, as well as mentioning that Christopher Eccleston sings, at some point in the series – so we’ve got three weeks to experience that! You can read the interview at SFX

Incidentally, the current issue of the Radio Times for the 4th-10th June features an interview with Mr Russell T Davies… meanwhile the Radio Times listings pages comments on the episode length and pacing of the program.

On May 27th, – yes that one – ran an article about “one of the biggest hits of Britain’s television present”. The writer of the article quotes Antony Wainer of DWAS as well as Fiona Moore of London’s Kingston University, and manages to explain the entire concept of Doctor Who as well as its present incarnation pretty well. reported on 31st May some plot details about this weeks Doctor Who, Boom Town, by Russell T. Davies. The article, entitled, “The day Cardiff was almost blown off the Earth” is by Jenny Rees of The Western Mail, the real-life newspaper which features in the episode. Click on the above link to read the article, which helpfully tells us:

The nuclear project is called “Blaidd Drwg” and for anyone who knows their stuff, they’ll recognise it as meaning “Bad Wolf…”

Nine days and counting until “Bad Wolf” is revealed…


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