Dalek Kidnapping Latest!

Events have seemingly taken a turn for the worse in the Dalek kidnap story – BBC.co.uk report that a ransom note has been received by Wookie Hole, along with the Dalek’s plunger. Furthermore, the kidnappers are demanding further instructions from the Doctor.

Yes, really.

Apparently, Colin Baker has been in touch.

In his article “The Best of Holmes” in yesterdays Guardian, David McKie described the Saturday evening feeling felt by many of us:

Extraordinary at this stage of one’s life to be rushing back from the coast on Saturday evening so as not to miss even the opening credits of Doctor Who. Not only because Russell T Davies’s reinvention with Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper is such an exhilarating (if sometimes baffling) ride, but because, while it lasts, Doctor Who is once again one of the rituals which make Saturday Saturday, co-equal with James Alexander Gordon telling you just after 5pm through the winter how Tranmere Rovers and St Mirren got on. That is why the alternatives to watching at 7pm on Saturday – the video, or the Sunday repeat on BBC3 – cannot be an adequate substitute.

(The rest of the article looks at the Granada television version of Sherlock Holmes whch ran from 1984 to 1994, definitely worth a read)

Also from yesterdays Guardian, more information was given on the missing Dalek mentioned above –

The Wookey Hole manager, Daniel Medley, says: “It is a proper, full-size dalek. We think it is one of the original BBC ones, so it could be worth quite a few thousand pounds. Obviously, we hope it has not been exterminated.”

Finally, some upddates to the BBC’s Official Doctor Who website – not only is there a brilliant site theme for the upcoming episode Bad Wolf (probably the best they’ve done, well done BBCi), but there is also information on a new special BBC documentary scheduled to precede broadcast of episode 13, The Parting of the Ways:

The Doctor Who Confidential team have created an extra documentary which will preceed The Parting of the Ways at 6.15pm on Saturday 18 June. According to the press release:

“From a council estate to a battle in space, Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide, will take us behind the scenes of the new series, to talk to cast and crew and celebrate all the triumphs and tears, smiles and trials shared between the Doctor, Rose and millions of fans, who have turned on to see a new Who at his alien best. The Ultimate Guide is just what the Doctor ordered.”

They also have excerpts of the Russell T Davies interview in the current SFX, in which the Executive Producer talks about series 2 and new Doctor David Tennant.


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