Doctor Who Press Pack Phase 6

Belatedly, and for the purposes of completion, here are the highlights of the final Doctor Who Press Pack which features an interview with Russell T Davies. Although the interview has been paraphrased in several publications lately, there is actually more to it than you might think…

(Regarding the reaction to the new series)…it’s everything we hoped for. In January we were all sitting there hoping millions of people would watch; hoping that people would love it…science fiction can be very bland, homogenized and steeped in American culture, and to make this British has been fantastic.

Russell makes clear his feelings on writing, and breaking down people’s preconceived ideas about his shows:

It just shows that anyone can write anything. All that pigeon-holing that goes on is nonsense. No writer should ever sit there and think – I’ll only write gay things.

I used to work in children’s television and it was harder to move from children’s telly and break into adult television. I was a young writer and no-one knew my name. People would just sit there and say, but you’ve only done children’s.

I knew I could write anything. I knew I could do adult drama, but everyone pigeon-holes everyone.

It seems that RTD was confident from day one that a family viewing occasion was not a thing of the past…

I have sat with a group of 15 people watching Finding Nemo on a Sunday morning – one member of the group was five and another 55, and when you see things like that happening you know that the myth that family drama doesn’t exist anymore is simply not true.

We were told, Julie (Gardner) and I, to be careful aiming for a family audience because it doesn’t exist anymore.

I absolutely didn’t believe it, that’s why we built Doctor Who to be an event every single week.

With regard to famous faces appearing in the next series…

…there have been a lot names coming through to our casting director. We’re currently drawing up a list. But I couldn’t possibly name names.

Finally, Russell talks about the upcoming second series, and what David Tennant means to it…

(I’m) Very excited because David (Tennant) is like a whole new lease of life. I think one of dangers of success sometimes is that one can get too complacent.

Putting David at the helm means we’re all reinvigorated because we have got to be just as good, if not better just for him.

So it’s actually very exciting, but at the same time scary. It’s back to square one for us so that’s always a good place to be I think.

(And) We have the Cybermen! We’re also going to alien planets which we didn’t do in the first series because I wanted to be confident of the design and now I feel sure. We also have the best design and SFX team in the world.

The series will remain connected to the Earth because I think that’s important.

There will be a couple of old faces, and lots of new faces.

Trips into history with us going back to the 1700s at one point… that’s all I can say at this stage I am afraid.

The full Press Pack can be read here.


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