Grade Compliments Off the Scale

Wednesday’s Guardian features an article by Jason Deans focussing on the reformation of one-time Doctor Who enemy Michael Grade in his praise of the shows new incarnation.

Apparently, the man who declared himself a hater of Doctor Who in the mid 1980s…

…revealed that he had watched it every week with his six-year-old son, “who is now a fan”.

“This is not easy to write – as you will readily understand. But here goes – congratulations to all involved in Doctor Who: to whoever commissioned it, those who executed it, the writers, the cast, the publicity folk, the schedulers and of course the late Sydney Newman who invented the whole thing,” he wrote.

“PS never dreamed I would ever write this. Must be going soft!” he sheepishly signed off the note to Mr Thompson.

The article can be read in full here – it was also reported at the Official Doctor Who website/

Also in The Guardian, writer and broadcaster Andrew Collins discusses (in his usual chirpy manner) his upcoming appearance in Big Finish audio Live 34, alongside seventh Doctor Who Sylvester McCoy. The article contains many references making their first appearances in the mainstream national press:

…spin-off strands Gallifrey, UNIT, Doctor Who Unbound, Excelis, Dalek Empire and Iris Wildthyme.

and Collins gives some plot information away…

I’m playing a radio presenter called Drew Shahan, who broadcasts on Live 34 to the residents of Earth Colony 34 in the distant future. I haven’t been this excited since Newsnight Review…as you read this, I’ll be in a recording studio in Stockwell, south London, getting into character, eating the meat out of the sandwiches and feigning nonchalance in the thrilling presence of the Doctor and Ace.

He finishes with a summary of other broadcasters appearing in drama:

I may only be a footnote in Who history, but I’ll be part of a noble tradition of broadcasters who’ve made tits of themselves in drama: Jonathan Ross in Spiceworld, Dr Fox in Footballers’ Wives, Jeremy Paxman in Bridget Jones_ actually, Tony Blackburn played himself in an Ibiza-set Doctor Who audio, The Rapture. But he didn’t get to be in the future. I do. This is Drew Shahan, Live 34, signing off. (How was I, love?)

Kasterborous believes mention of these Doctor Who spin offs in The Guardian can only be good news as Doctor Who is fully rehabilitated as respected drama.


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