Missing Dalek is Found!

That’s right – the self-styled kidnapping group, “The Guardians of the Planet Earth” have returned the missing Dalek to Wookey Hole, reports BBC News. The replica was stolen last week, as reported here on Kasterborous.

BBC News reports that:

“Cave owner Gerry Cottle…has denied that the theft of the Dalek was a publicity stunt.”

In case you were wondering…

Paul Carey of Western Mail has written a news article bigging-up Doctor Who’s impact on Wales. The article, ‘What Doctor Who has done for us is available through icWales. Carey discusses the benefits of filming a high-profile, high-cost television show in Wales,

The benefits were spread far and wide, with filming taking in locations from Swansea, Miskin and Penarth to Newport, Barry and Monmouth.

Some of the long-term advan-tages to the television critical mass in Wales are obvious – dozens of people from researchers and runners to directors and production staff are gaining the priceless experience of working on a high-profile network drama series.

The article goes on to talk about the increased – and much deserved – respect that BBC Wales now has in Television Centre.

Finally, TimesOnline, the online incarnation of legendary newspaper The Times, has reported on the BBC’s “Stay off the Internet!” warning to fans, and the Bad Wolf phenomenon.

According to Sam Coates article, “BBC advises Doctor Who fans to stay offline until the bitter end” (catchy…) conspiracy theories about the last episode are proliferating forums and message boards across the Internet. Of course, it’s unlikely anyone will guess what is to come on Saturday, as the BBC:

…has gone to extreme lengths to protect the ending of the season finale. It commissioned fake scripts, filmed alternative endings and even produced a website full of clues and misinformation, badwolf.org.uk, to suggest various endings.

While the article goes on to discuss the contents of some other message boards, it veers from the point. The BBC has been 100% successful in its online support of Doctor Who, through websites such as badwolf.org.uk, the UNIT website and Mickey’s site. The BBCs Official Doctor Who website, while imperfect (and restricted by a corporate layout) has nevertheless been excellent, and the added content has enhanced the enjoyment of Doctor Who across the UK and the world.

I would also stongly recommend the BBC’s sound clips page too. Download “Are you my mummy?” and set it as a Windows event sound…


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