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Right – non-bbc websites that have run Doctor Who articles during our spoiler embargo…

British online magazine for ladies Female First reports that David Tennant and Billie Piper will face an evil Santa Claus at Christmas, as well as the Cybermen in the next series.

The Scotsman reported David Tennants first words on Friday, as well as describing the kiss that saves Rose towards the end of the episode. According to them:

The second series of Dr Who, starring Renfrewshire-born Tennant, will start filming this summer, with transmission set for next spring…

A spokesman said it was likely Tennant would play the Doctor in the third series.

Dark Horizons reported on the various spoilers posted on

On Friday, icWales drew its coverage of the series to a close with words from Russell T Davies who has of course worked with David Tennant before, and naturally knows taht of most interest to the fans is the Tenth Doctor’s costume:

Davies said that having worked with Tennant will be a big advantage.

“It means I know David’s rhythms of speech, his mannerisms,” he said. “But, as the Doctor, he won’t be hugely different to Christopher Eccleston.

“He’ll have a different style of dialogue, and his own quirks – just like you had Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker and Peter Davison – but he’s still the Doctor.

“He’ll be wearing different clothes, but rumours that David will be wearing a kilt are completely untrue.”

Online IT rag The Register reported on the commission of a third new series and noted that filming was due to start in July.

UK Labour-supporting redtop The Mirror printed spoilers on Thursday, Friday and Saturday! Readers of the paper would have known about the Emperor Dalek, the Doctor sending Rose home in the TARDIS, saving Rose with a kiss, and his departure in a “blaze of light”. The preview screening certainly made an impression on TV editor Nicola Methven…

The Times ran an artilce on Thursday 16th, “Why is Doctor Who such a success?”, in which various online readers submitted their opinions on how the show has managed to make such a comeback.’s webmaster even got a look in:

The public are fed up with ITV’s cheap reality and Z-list celebrity programmes. Give them something decent like Doctor Who or Judge John Deed and they flock to it. It’s as simple as that. Martin Hoscik, London

..which is pretty much the general opinion of the article. Come on TV execs, give us more good television! features comments from DWAS’ Antony Wainer,

“All the ‘Doctor Who’ furniture is there…That is the formula. And it still survives.”

as well as Fiona Moore of Kingston University in London.

“You can go anywhere, you can do anything, your central figure can be anything from posh and velvet-clad to this chap with a shaved head and a leather jacket…you see children in the playground standing like Daleks or unzipping their heads like the bad guys.”

and basically provides a very positive summary of the new series, which is a perfect note to end this news catchup on.


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