The Bad Wolf Cometh…

…and I’m running out of related titles! More mention of Doctor Who and the soon to be revealed thread that is “Bad Wolf”:

MediaGuardian has a short paragraph about the buildup in its Diary section yesterday:

Who’s afraid of the big Bad Wolf?

Close watchers of Doctor Who will have noticed the numerous unexplained references to “Bad Wolf” – sprayed on the side of the Tardis, that kind of thing. The web is abuzz with what it all means. One theory – spoiler alert! – is that the Doctor has been the unwitting star of a Big Brother-style reality show. Is nothing sacred? No word yet, though, on whether the climactic episode features the scariest Doctor Who monster yet – the Bazalgette.

(this last line is a reference to another television show in the article).

Meanwhile, icWales is running an interesting article. “Talking about Regeneration” looks at various aspects of the current series, its climax and the furture of the show.

In it, Davies rubbishes the rumours that the Doctor has spent the last 3 montsh in a “Truman Show”-type world, and refuses to be drawn on the situation with Billie Piper, for plot-spoiling reasons…

What is revealing, however, is the following:

When Christopher Eccleston, who plays The Doctor, announced his departure earlier this year after just one series it came as a shock to fans and viewers. But Russell says it wasn’t such a shock to those working on the programme.

“These things are always reported as though he walked into the office one day and said, `I’m going’,” he laughs. “We worked together for nine months, and we were talking all the time. When you see the final episode, and the Christmas special after that, you’ll see it’s all absolutely planned.”

which of course does absolutely nothing to clear up whether Eccleston appears in the Christmas episode or not…

But then, Russell T Davies has played his cards close to his chest for the last 18 months – he’s not likely to change now, is he?


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