To Davros with Lovett?

A bizarre cult of Norman Lovett has arisen in the last seven days, which has possibly damaged the credibility of several respected online sources… Sometime in the last month, someone posted information to listing Norman Lovett (best known as the original “Holly” from “Red Dwarf” among others) as playing Davros, creator of the Daleks in the upcoming two-part story (Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways). There is also listed a James Melody, who is allegedly playing The Watcher… (it should be pointed out here that the majority of information on is submitted by the general day-to-day surfer…)

While Internet rumours can often turn out to be true – no doubt usually because they are grounded in truth – this LiveJournal blog debunks the whole rumour as nothing more than a practical joke which had the entire body of Doctor Who online fandom up in arms, with their usual strong opinions!

(Care with clicking the above link, there are links to spoilers… possibly BIG spoilers)

All this is of course linked in with the Big Wolf meme – a subject we’ll be touching on in detail very shortly on Kasterborous – but as pointed out in various places, Billie Piper didn’t know the name “Davros” when interviewed by Christian O’Connell for Xfm…

The Scotsman has posted the following article on its online incarnation:

£500 reward after Dalek swiped

The owners of a visitors’ attraction are offering a £500 reward after a full-size Dalek was stolen.

The 5ft model, believed to be an original from the cult BBC Dr Who series, was taken from Wookey Hole Caves near Wells overnight on Monday. Bosses say it is worth thousands of pounds and promise to pay the reward for its safe return “or capture”.

A spokesman said: “There may be a black market out there for Daleks – but it’s still a strange thing to steal.”

A black market for Daleks eh? Sounds almost like the UNIT website…

The property section of The Independent has mentioned Doctor Who in relation to an awakening of interest in 20th century furniture and design.

The same organ, along with The Times has run an obituary to Geoffrey Toone who died June 1, 2005, aged 94. Toone played Temmosus in the 1965 movie Dr. Who and the Daleks and also appeared in the series in The Curse of Peladon as Hepesh in 1972.

Finally, Sunday evening at 18.45 saw an edition of “20th Century Roadshow”, presented by Alan Titchmarsh. The programme has several references to Doctor Who, and featured collector with a huge amount of Doctor Who props and original toys. Thankfully, we avoided seeing Alan Titchmarsh enter the TARDIS…


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