A Carnival of Monsters

The BBC have given you yet another chance to voice your approval of the new Doctor Who – the Blue Peter webpage is giving anyone the chance to vote for their favourite monster from 2005 series. The choices are: Dalek, Slitheen, Autons, Moxx of Balhoon and The Empty Child. You might be interested to know that the wartime monsters are edging Skaros’ deadliest at the moment… Also tune in to Blue Peter this week for a new Doctor Who competition (|Mon, Wed, Fri, 5pm BBC1).

Speaking of The Empty Child, Judy Adamson of Sydney Morning Herald (registration required) didn’t take too kindly to the episode:

Doctor Who, ABC, 7.30pm Saturday

There are some very silly elements to this episode that dampen the enjoyment of what has generally been an entertaining return series. The Doctor and Rose land in London during the Blitz in pursuit of a strange alien cylinder and are spooked by an odd little boy in a gas mask calling for his mummy.

When the Doctor and Rose are separated, she ends up dangling for a ridiculous amount of time from a rope attached to a barrage balloon, while he stumbles over a group of homeless children who are fed and watched over by a motherly young girl.

There’s a dashing alien disguised as a fighter pilot, a hospital full of people with gas masks welded to their faces – your average wartime day, really. Best taken with a grain of salt.”

Yeh, that’s right kids, don’t take escapist television too seriously…

On the subject of BBC webpages, the Cult site has been but on hold, as reported previously. The main page now carries an amusing conveyor belt animation which drops television sets depicting Buffy, Basil Brush and The Clangers off into the abyss. K9 also puts in appearance, but he of course flies off (no doubt to the Offical Doctor Who site). BBC Cult will remain online without updates for the short-term.

Executive Producer Russell T. Davies has been listed as the highest new entry (pop-pickers…) in the annual list of the most powerful poeple in the UK Media, published by The Guardian, reports the BBC

The article finishes with quotes from a Radio Times interview with BBC Chariman Micahel grade (straight in at number one!), and focusing of course on his feelings towards new Doctor Who:

“…when I returned as chairman, I took it personally that they intended to re-do Doctor Who. But I got over it. Anyway I have a six-year-old boy, Samuel, and every Saturday there was a countdown. ‘Daddy, is it time for Doctor Who yet?’ And we never missed it!'”

Isn’t that nice?

The list itself of course can be found in MediaGuardian, which features details of the top 100, including Mr RTD himself. The article claims Davies’ Doctor Who came in at £15 million, and one panelist involved in the compiliong of the list said:

“Doctor Who is one of the few programmes you actually make sure you are home in time to watch it. It is also the only TV satire on that is really working at the moment. He can now do anything he wants.”

Expect to find Russell ironing the sea any day now!


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