Black Scrolls Unleashed

Details hot off the press (well ok, sent by email) that the acclaimed Doctor Who Fanzine Black Scrolls is almost near completion and i can tell you this is worth getting your hands on if you consider yourself any kind of Doctor Who fan.

The issue contains a wealth of features and not least a cover disk containing videoed interviews with some of the Caves of Androzani cast, and majorly an Art showcase featuring a wealth of established and upcoming talent. Within this showcase you will find a feast of work from Kasterborous, some old and some new and maybe something not seen before.

This is the press release for Black Scrolls 8.

It’s been a year in the making, and now it’s back! The acclaimed Dr Who Magazine, BLACK SCROLLS, is about to be unleashed again (September 2005), and here are some of the contents:

This being the 21st year since fan favourite “The Caves of Androzani” was released, we decided to bring you some serious “Caves” coverage with brand new, extensive interviews with Maurice Roeves (Stotz) and John Normington (Morgus). We have an “I Luv Caves” featurette, with various ramblings on the story’s characters, from the likes of Steve O’Brien (SFX) and Craig Hinton.

“The Tom Baker Show” makes a startling return, this time lampooning “Warriors’ Gate” in our pictorial comic strip, and the Doc’s in trouble again with the missus (Romana), because the Time/Space Stereo has broken. But with no Talmars, there’s only one thing for – try and pawn off a dodgy K9 out of warranty…

We continue our philosophical discussions with writer Chris Boucher on his scripts for Doctor Who, this time turning out attention to ‘Face of Evil’.

In an astonishing and revealing interview that will make you gasp and laugh out loud, we bring you a new interview with Mark Strickson (Turlough), who is on brilliant form.

The popular satirical tabloid “Sol3” makes a return to Black Scrolls, packed with regular favourites – Agony Uncle “Dr Hartnell” is back, with yet more biting responses to those in need; Football: Dalek FC v Cyber-Rovers – find out how Sven Goran Erikkson was rescued at half-time from Death Row at Dalek HQ by the Cybermen, and put straight on the bench as Cyber manager, in time for the second half! There’s fantastic new adverts from the Leisure Hive corporation and their holiday packages, and the new board game for all the family, “Whodo”. And find our really what happened in the “Tea Time War”, and how it has affected the romance between the Doc and his missus (she who must be obeyed). Packed with breaking news stories from the Whoniverse, “Sol3” is sure to keep you laughing!

Ever wondered what Billy Hartnell would look like on a big budget? Wonder no longer, as our feature pictorial “Doc Hollywood” puts sixties Hartnell actors into lavish blockbuster backdrops.

In the biggest in-depth interview ever conducted with artists behind a Doctor Who comic strip, we bring you the exhaustive behind-the-scenes story of “The Flood” – DWM’s Cyberman masterpiece. We talk with writer Scott Gray, artist Martin Geraghty, colourist Adrian Salmon and editor Clay Hickman. The piece is complimented by fascinating colour draft artwork for the panels, rescued from the artist’s trash, just hours from being ‘wiped’ forever!

John Daiker’s fantastic, satirical “The Master” comic strip returns bigger and better than ever, with 7 pages of beautifully drawn and coloured panels. This time our Master (Delgado) is reunited with his other selves as he comes face to face with a deadly foe – the Toymaker!

Our Bloopers Pictorial expose makes a welcome return, and there’s a brand new single page colour comic strip from the talented Alex Mallinson.

We have an article by Alistair Pegg on how his feelings have changed toward Dr Who over the years, and tries to answer who has changed the most – the viewer or the show?

The magazine has a brilliant new commission from Adrian Salmon on the cover, featuring the Doctor and Rose under attack from the “Flood” Cybermen, with the back page covered by Alex Mallinson, with his brilliant new artwork – a CGI rendered “Tenth Planet” Cyberman, at its most creepy!

And as if that wasn’t enough, Issue 8 will come with a cover CDROM, featuring multimedia material! Our interview with Maurice Roeves was professionally recorded on video and is presented on the disk. The audio interview of John Normington is here, and for your reading pleasure, we present the complete Black Scrolls back catalogue – Issues 1 to 7 – that’s hundreds of pages for free! There is a special Art Showcase, featuring the best artworks from the world of Doctor Who, with work from top professionals and talented newcomers. The CD is still in development, so more will be added before the publishing date. The whole package is wrapped up in a 3D CGI movie of the TARDIS landing and the camera sweeping into the console room, only to settle on the console’s screen and the multimedia main menu!

The magazine has been a massive undertaking for those involved, and features new artwork from talented artists.

You can follow this link for a teaser trailer here , but stay tuned for a release date and have your orders at the ready this is not to be missed.

Brian A Terranova


Doctor Who and me go way back. I first discovered it on my local PBS Station WHYY in the suburbs outside Philadelphia when I was a young kid; though I am uncertain of the exact age.

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