Christmas Invasion Set Report!

That’s right! Martin Hoscik of has beeen fortunate enough to visit the location shoots at the Brandon Estate in London for the next episode of Doctor Who – The Christmas Invasion! At there is a report from the shoot, plus some photos that Martin has very kindly allowed us to reproduce here on Kasterborous.

Here are some snippets from the report:

Day One (26th July 2005)

Filming on day one started around 2pm with Camille Coduri, later joined by Noel Clarke, playing out an action scene apparently intended for early within the episode.

Camille was often to be heard asking those in attendance if they’d enjoyed the first series, beaming when she received a positive response. She also talked about a recent meeting with Elisabeth Sladen who reprises her role as 70’s companion Sarah-Jane Smith.

During filming we were able to talk to Producer Phil Collinson, Ernest Vincze the Director of Photography and a number of other production personnel. Phil was kind enough to claim to remember us from the previous year’s encounter and promised that the special and second series would be even more spectacular than series one.

Day Two (27th July 2005)

The footage shot today included Jackie and Mickey’s first sight of the new Doctor.

Midway through the afternoon David arrived on set with a camcorder which he used to mark his arrival.

As with yesterday we were able to have reasonably free access to people, always ensuring that we didn’t stop people from doing their real jobs. Amongst the people we met today was the Tardis’ make-up lady.

After an entire day of filming David very kindly signed autographs and posed for photos for those who had stood watching the entire day’s filming, needlessly apologising for not getting to us sooner!

I would strongly recommend that you visit the unitnews website for this rest of this article alone – not only is it spoiler free, it succeeds in capturing the atmosphere and the enjoyment that Martin obviously had observing the filming.

Martin has kindly allowed us to reproduce some images on Kasterborous – so click here for a behind the scenes view of the TARDIS in a snow storm, here for David Tennant rehearsing, and here for Billie Piper stood on the threshold of the TARDIS!


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