Doctor Who Toy News

This Christmas’ toy sensation is on general release from August 31st – and it has Doctor Who written all over it!

Galaxy 4 have the full range available on their site, and the range features both a sonic screwdriver and a remote-controlled Dalek, as well as mugs, bottle openers and walkie talkies.

The vital listings:

Sonic Screwdriver

With button activated UV light and sound effect. Write secret messages with the UV pen hidden inside

Remote Control Dalek

12 inches tall. 360 degree travel. Flashing lights and speech. Automated head and eye movement. Posable gun and arm. Remote Control. Selectable (Cam driven) rotating centre section “Combat Mode”.

this one, however, should be the daddy of them all this Yuletide:

Remote Control Dalek Battle Pack

Interactive Battle Pack with Mutant Reveal!

Each Dalek has an IR Receiver on its chest (target) and a second on the head (control). When the opposing Dalek fires you hear it say “EXTERMINATE” and a gun sound effect. Scoring a direct hit directly on either target is indicated by the struck Dalek’s head lights flashing once. The more hits received the faster the lights flash. When a fifth and final shot is scored the front upper area of the Dalek pops forward to indicate damage to reveal the Mutant Dalek inside. The control unit also doubles as a display stand for the Dalek when not in use. Pack contains two IR remote control Daleks (one grey, one gold) with either a Doctor or Rose figure. Dalek has authentic sound and flashing lights. 4 inches tall, posable arm and gun

Featuring Christopher Eccleston

The cries of “EXTERMINATE” will reverberate around the living rooms of the United Kingdom in 5 months time…

This might be of interest – the BBC are offering broadband premiere to new BBC3 sitcom “The Mighty Boosh” a week ahead of its transmission on july 26th, according to The Scotsman.

As reported earlier on Kasterborous:

This September, the BBC will begin a viewer trial of what it calls its interactive media player, a piece of software which will allow users to download 190 hours of TV programmes and 310 hours of radio programmes.

How this will affect Doctor Who is of course too early to say, but will no doubt be of interest to anyone wondering how the BBC might avoid a repeat of the Rose leak


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