New Zealand Build Up

Coverage in New Zealand conitinues today as the build up to the 13 new episodes beginning on Thursday July 7th continues.

Main proponent today is the New Zealand Herald, with two articles looking in detail at Doctor Who. The first is James Rampton’s look at the new series: Return of Dr Who is a brief summary of opinions and statements of the new series, including the writer’s own recollection of visiting the TARDIS set.

He also has comments from the production team – Russell T Davies:

“No doubt that article about why we shouldn’t bother to bring him back will be written,but great stories never have a set time. Like Tarzan or Sherlock Holmes, they can stand constant reinterpretation.”

as well as Mark Gatiss:

“I have long thought the series could come back because it’s such a brilliantly simple idea. All you need is one man and a police box. You open the doors of the tardis and you can be anywhere – in the city of Atlantis, Satellite V in space, 1869 or AD 5 billion.

“We hope that the series recaptures the popularity it achieved at its height when the Daily Sketch called it ‘the children’s own programme that adults adore’.”

Rampton also focuses on the development of the character of the Doctor and the choice of Christopher Eccleston.

Meanwhile at The New Zealand Herald, Caleb Milmo discusses The many enemies of Dr Who. Milmo discusses the more memorable foes of the Doctor first 26 seasons, such as the Daleks and Cybermen, as well as the Zygons, the Yeti, the Daemon, the Kandyman and the Maggots and the Zarbi (interestingly…)

Each description gives a brief outline of the monster as well as an amusing fact – for instance regarding the Kandyman:

By the third instalment, the costume department had had to fit their villain with a large metal mouth brace. It later transpired that it had been fitted because the actor playing the character could be seen moving inside the costume.

All good stuff, and just a small portion of the Doctor Who publicity storm in New Zealand at the moment!


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