Old Weasel Face?

Doctor Who Magazine has – as reported Monday – the first interview with David Tennant about his taking of the Doctor Who role. David comes across as very friendly and down to earth – but already his comments have been misconstrued by certain sections of the tabloid press.

In the Evening Standard‘s online incarnation This is London, an unmaned journalist has taken some of Tennants comments in DWM (regarding his visiting of the Outpost Gallifrey forum), such as:

“Everyone was encouraging me to go on and see what the fans were saying about me. So I went on there and the first comment I read was very nice, and the next comment was terribly flattering, and then the next one said something like, ‘I can’t bear the sight of him!’… The one after that said, ‘That’s it! The dream is finished! Somebody who looks like a weasel could never play the Doctor! It’s over!'”

and turned them around totally, in order to lead the story with the headline “Fans furious at new Dr Who”.

For anyone who hasn’t read the Doctor Who Magazine interview, there is certainly nothing to be afraid of. David Tennant is a capable and charismatic actor, as seen in the final episode of the last series. The extreme opinions of a fan minority are of no consequence to how one of Britains finest character actors will perform!

The DWM interview with Tennant is also reported on (much more favourably of course) at BBC News’ webpages. Incidentally, if you haven’t yet bought DWM, it’s worth it simply to see David Tennant slowly admit exactly how much of a Doctor Who fan he is…

Finally, the news you’ve all been waiting for -the Blue Peter Competition! That’s right, not only is the BBC’s flagship kids magazine promoting their flagship drama, it’s not any old competition! NO! It’s a bells and whistles:

Design a monster for ‘Doctor Who’ Competition!

Don’t you just with the 80s and 90s just hadn’t happened? Why did I not get the chance to enter a Monster design competition and fall into a seven and under, 8-10 or 9-15 age group? Because this isn’t just any old monster design competition – oh no! This is a design a monster, see it made into a Doctor Who character AND tour the set competition! It’s like the 1960s all over again!


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