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More David Tennant in the Press! This time however, it’s looking as if the whole weasel/David Morrissey issue is blowing over (and so it should) and the focus is on Tennant himself. SyFyPortal has reported on Sci Fi Wire’s own report earlier in the week and the rising star that is Tennant’s career. is just one of a host of websites across the planet that have reported on David Tennant’s concerns about being a rodent.

Finally, Australia’s The Age features a sort-of summary of Doctor Who so far by Chris Middendorp. Whether Middendorp actually likes or dislikes is unclear. The commentary of the 2005 series currently on air in Australia swings wildly from commenting favourably on the cast to criticising it:

Previous Doctors tended to be foppish, aloof and imperious. Christopher Eccelston’s Doctor wears black and looks like a heavy in a Guy Ritchie film. He is volatile, manic, insecure and proudly working class. With his Mancunian accent and cropped hair, he could be a truck driver in The Bill. Eccleston makes for a solid contemporary Doctor. When he first encounters the dreaded Dalek of episode six, his fear is palpable. Eccleston makes you feel that the years of time travelling have messed with his head and that deep down this Doctor is sad, lonely and jaded. Saving the universe from alien tyrants has come at a substantial personal cost. It all gives this series an emotional clout the old program never had.

So you don’t like him then? Oh you do?

The problem lies with the scripts. The plotting of the episodes is wildly uneven.

In episode seven, The Long Game, for instance, the entire episode was resolved in a ridiculously scrambled three-minute climax. The 45-minute episodes are too short to tell a satisfying tale. The old Doctor Who often took too long to resolve its stories but the new series is like the TV equivalent of premature ejaculation.

It becomes quite obvious at this point that Chris Middendorp is a fan, and probably a journalist who has been trying to break into SFX, Cult Times or even Doctor Who Magazine for sometime.

Reasons for failure? Probably:

Christopher Eccleston has quit the program after one season – which, according to the BBC Doctor Who website, was always his intention. Why then did Eccleston initially talk about doing several seasons? Somewhere here is a story. The next series will feature David Tennant as the 10th Doctor. Tennant, who is a proud Scot, is just 34 years old. You know you’re ageing when the Doctors start getting younger.

You know you’re in the wrong job when you can’t even conclude an article without sticking to the point….


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