Timelord Tops Poll

Oh we’ve been out of fashion for so long haven’t we? Scarf-wearing, question-mark pullover-donned with velvet suits and cricket outfits, all vying for attention as we tell the world that this show – OUR show – is the best there is, despite being off air. Then they bring it all back and suddenly everyone sees that we were right! Yes, we were right all along!!!!!

The BBC News site has reported on the Doctor’s success in the SFX readers poll for best British fantasy television show.

The full list is as follows:

  • 1. Doctor Who

  • 2. Red Dwarf

  • 3. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

  • 4. Blake’s 7

  • 5. The Prisoner

  • 6. Sapphire and Steel

  • 7. Quatermass

  • 8. Ultraviolet

  • 9. The Avengers

  • 10. Robin of Sherwood

  • SFX Magazine

    The BBC quote SFX’s editor Dave Bradley:

    “[It’s] a great British institution which has entertained people for generations. There has always been great affection for Doctor Who. The recent series has just introduced a whole new generation to the concept and reignited our love for it.”

    Quite frankly, the top 10 list is 100% quality television, and is yet another example of (Doctor Who’s return aside) what television schedulers are ignoring in the UK – good solid intelligent escapist drama.

    Astonishingly popular uk redtop daily The Sun has published some photos of the Christmas episode shoot recently mounted in London (which Martin Hoscik reports on at his website unitnews.co.uk).

    There are six photos in The Sun (which is now compatible with Mozilla’s Firefox browser), which at this stage could be considered spoiler – however, no doubt by the time the Christmas schedules are announced, one of these pictures will be very recognisable.

    For those of you wanting to avoid photos but curious to see what was written:

    HERE’S Doctor Who David Tennant – in the first scenes for his new role.

    The Time Lord clutches the hand of assistant Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper, as they film on a South London council estate.

    And the pair have already travelled in time – this is the CHRISTMAS special. The Tardis was sprinkled in fake snow while a trio of killer robot Santas added to the chilling plotline.

    David, 33, donned a natty pinstripe suit for one scene with Billie, 22 – before changing into a leather jacket. As The Sun has revealed, Xmas becomes a time of terror in the hit BBC1 show.

    Mankind is threatened by alien Sycorax in the one-off, followed by the second series to be screened in Spring.

    Casanova star David – the tenth Doctor – must save the planet. But in one scene he and Rose run off.

    Surely he hasn’t become Doctor Flew.

    Ooh, oh dear, oh my aching sides….

    Anyway, pay attention to the reference to the Doctor changing clothes – it seems at least some of this episode is played out by David Tennant in his predecessor’s apparel.


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