Blue Peter Monster Competition

William Grantham, aged nine, from Colchester, Essex, was announced as the winner of the Blue Peter Design a Monster competition live on BBC ONE today.

Launched back in July, viewers were asked to come up with a design for a monster which will be included in the next series of BBC ONE’s Doctor Who.

The competition broke Blue Peter records with an astounding 43,920 entries – the biggest response to a competition since 1993.


Click here to view the monster…

(The Press Release used to write this report doesn’t quote anything from the broadcast itself, so we’ve helped those of you who missed it out by reproducing David Tennant’s words here.)

David Tennant also appeared and answered (in natural Scots lilt!) some viewers’ questions and later participated in an after-show webchat. Executive Producer Russell T Davies did not appear in the studio.

Tennant answered questions such as: “Did you watch Doctor Who when you were young and if so did you hide behiond the sofa?” to which he answered:

“I’m not sure about this hiding behind the sofa – did anyone hide behind the sofa?! Sofas are up against walls, how do you get behind them? I think the hiding behind a sofa thing is a myth, but yeh I did watch it and i loved it.”


David’s favourite bit of the last series – which he thought was fantastic – was the “Bit where I arrived, obviously!”

Another question was “If you could go anywhere in time and space, where would you go and why?”


“I’d go back and see the first performance of Hamlet and meet William Shakespeare”


Another question was asked: “How did you decide to make your version of the Doctor different from Christopher Eccleston’s?”

Part of the thing with the Doctor is when he regenerates… he’s different, he’s got a new personality and he’s got new clothes so he looks different, he’s got a different head, so… you’ll have to watch and judge for yourselves how different it is… [referring to a picture of the Tenth Doctor:] he’s a bit down with the kids… we worked with the costume designer and this is what we’ve come up with.”


Finally, competition winner William Grantham asked David who his favourite Doctor was.

“I think the Doctor you grow up with is the one you always remember – I grew up with Tom Baker, so he would probably be my – overall – favourite. But I like them all.”


Later the new Doctor Who said of the competition as a whole:


“It’s pretty incredible actually, not just the actual craftmanship and the drawing as the standard is so high but also the design and the ingenuity of them really has taken everyone a bit aback…”


Back to the Press Release:


Blue Peter Editor Richard Marson said: “We were staggered by the popularity of the competition. We knew Doctor Who had been a huge hit with our audience but this was something else.

“Every day brought more sacks and, as well as getting all hands on deck in the Blue Peter office, we also had to draft in extra help to get through the mountain of highly inventive designs.

“The top nine designs – three from each age range – can be seen on the Blue Peter website.”

The competition was judged by Richard Marson, Blue Peter presenter Gethin Jones, Doctor Who Executive Producer Russell T Davies – who will write the episode in which the monster will appear – and of course the new Doctor himself, David Tennant.


David Tennant also answered other questions during rehearsals for the show. Here, he states that the monsters in the Christmas episode are “a new race of villains”…

Later in the show, prosthetics wizard Neil Gorton appeared discussing how he might turn the monster (Absorbalof) into a workable costume, with mouths and faces embedded within the creature’s flesh. His opinion?


“I think it’s really fantastic… I think the standards brilliant, actually, I’m a bit worried about my job…


The competition entries themselves were out of this world, and proof positive (like it’s needed!) that Doctor Who fires the imagination of children like no other.

And of course our thoughts go to the Blue Peter cat Smudge who sadly died on Monday.

You can read the full press release here


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