Doctor Who Merchandise Round-up

It’s the summer holidays of course, so what better time than to have a closer look at the newly released Doctor Who merchandise available. Aimed at children, the range is certainly imaginative.

First of all though, a few words about the contents of the Doctor Who Annual 2005, from Galaxy4:

“Mr Nobody”, a comic strip by Scott Gray, John Ross and James Offredi, and four text stories: “The Masks of Makassar” by Paul Cornell; “What I Did on My Christmas Holidays” by Steven Moffat; “Doctor vs. Doctor” by Gareth Roberts; and “Pitter-Patter” by Robert Shearman. Russell T. Davies has contributed two features – “Meet the Doctor” and “Meet Rose” – and Benjamin Cook has a behind-the-scenes report. There will also be puzzles by Gareth Roberts and “a ‘Who’s Who’ by Philip MacDonald”, as well as a frontispiece by Alister Pearson, “a full-colour illustration of the Doctor and Rose”.

It certainly looks a quaility yuletide read, and the presence of Cornell, Moffat and RTD underlines the production team’s commitment to quality Doctor Who in all mediums.

The Sonic Screwdriver, illustrated here, has it’s special features revealed at the BBC Shop. The official release date is September 15th, and it is described below:

Authentic replica of the Doctor’s trusty Sonic Device. Activate in closed or open mode. Pressing the button on the Slide control activates the LED and AFX. Remove the hilt cap of the Screwdriver to write secret messages in Dalek/Gallifreyan codes. Use the UV Emitter to reveal hidden coded messages from your friends…and enemies. Codebook included.


  • Replica Sonic Screwdriver

  • Slide-Out Sonic Wave Emmitter

  • Button activated Lights and Sound FX

  • Hidden UV Pen in handle

  • UV Light in Tip

  • Switchable UV Pen & Black Ink Pen both included.

Images are yet to be released, however of the Slitheen and Ninth Doctor walkie-talkies (you’ll notice the BBC’s incorrect spelling of “Slitheen”):

Each character walkie talkie is fully decorated. To use raise both arms to facilitate access to the talk button.

Two paired, sculptures & decorated Doctor & Slitheen Walkie Talkies. Moving arms (ariel intergrated into characters right arm). 30 Foot range.

There are two new Dalek toy’s available, the Mini Interactive Radio-Controlled Dalek (with Mutant Reveal) being the cheaper option:

Each Dalek is a full function IR remote control unit. The Daleks have basic forward, left rotate, right rotate and reverse control.

Each Dalek has an IR Receiver on its chest (Target) and a second on the head (Control). When the oppossing Dalek fires you hear it say “Exterminate!” and a gun sound effect. Scoring a hit directly on either target is indicated by the struck Dalek’s head lights flashing once.

The more hits received the faster the lights flash. When a fifth and final shot is scored the front upper area of the Dalek pops forward to indicate damage and reveal the Dalk mutant inside.

The control unit operates as a double stand for when the dalek is not in use.


* 2 x 4 inch tall Daleks with controllers

* Infrared movement control

* Flashing hit indicator

* Posable Arm & Gun

* 2 x IR Receivers in each Dalek (front & top of head)

* 1 x IR Emitter in each Dalek (eyestalk)

* Sound & SFX

The more expensive lone Radio Controlled Dalek is £39.99:

The Dalek is a full function remote control unit. As it moves the Dome and Eyestalk turn from side to side and the Eyestalk raises and lowers. The Dalek has 360 degree on the spot rotational movement and has full ‘Tank Style’ steering control.

By moving a sliding switch on the Dalek the centre section can be set to rotate from side to side in ‘Combat Mode’.

The Dalek has several sound buttons which also activate the head lights in sync. As well as the Exterminate Blast SFX the Dalek speaks several phrase including:


“You will be exterminated!”

“We are the supreme beings!”



* 12 inches tall

* 360 degree travel

* Flashing lights and speech

* Automated head and eye movement.

* Selectable (Cam Driven) rotating centre section ‘Combat Mode.’

* Posable gun & arm

* RC control unit

Is it Christmas yet?


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