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Sensationalist tabloid stuff out of the way first – Billie’s former record company is releasing a greatest hits album, according to fab UK red-top tabloid The Sun. What will this mean to Doctor Who? Not much I suspect, although the impact on popular music could be proved to be irreparable… Incidentally, a lovely pic of Ms. Piper accompanies the item.

There is news of the Christmas special on icwales, listing Noel Clarke and Camille Coduri as being on location with Billie Piper in the Christmas-dressed Cardiff city centre which also quotes an onlooker:

“It was a warm night but Billie was wrapped up for winter. They filmed right through the night and Billie seemed to be really enjoying herself. She looked stunning even if she was just in jacket and jeans.”

No, that wasn’t me saying that…

icwales also observe that the Santas in The Christmas Invasion resemble Autons. Whether this is an actual spoiler is something we don’t know – we’re just enjoying the speculation!

The BBC News site has a superb item about Doctor Who Magazine strip artist Mike Collins. The article interviews the artist, and mentions his history working on 2000AD, various Marvel and DC titles as well as DWM. Some key quotes:

“You are working with likenesses, and you have to be fairly accurate – it has to be [enough like the characters] to be recognisable, but different so they can work in a comic. “If you do a comic strip, you are the director, the lighting man and all the actors – you have to make it work.”

The monthly comic strips are mostly written by the same team who write the TV show, overseen by Russell T Davies, who Collins says is “very hands-on”.

Canadian Doctor Who fans can be confident of quality presents over the next 12 months – according to Worldscreen (and latterly the BBC Official Doctor Who pages) a company known in North America as Buzzworthy Licensing + Entertainment has signed a deal with the BBC to ditribute mnerchadise over 3 years. From Worldscreen:

As part of the three-year agreement, Buzzworthy will seek partner companies to produce and distribute new and existing Doctor Who products. These will include toys, clothing and gift items from both the first and second series. In addition, Buzzworthy will also work closely with BBC Worldwide Canada to secure ongoing promotional opportunities for the series.

19.20 Update

The BBC Worldwide has made a release through the Press Office, which reveals further detail:

Hilary Read, COO, BBC Worldwide Canada Ltd, said: “I’m very excited about this opportunity to lead North America with this unique property. I look forward to working with Buzzworthy who were appointed due to their knowledge and enthusiasm for the Doctor Who brand.”

Kevin Durkee, Managing Director, Buzzworthy Licensing + Entertainment, said: “We’ve seen Doctor Who enjoy decades of awareness in Canada and are therefore thrilled to be part of the ongoing development of such a terrific brand.

“The quality and success of the new series is also being reflected in the level of interest from local partners. We’re excited to be working with BBC Worldwide, who recognize the importance of managing this business locally.

It appears to be a clear strategy Worldwide are embarking on (no doubt delighted their biggest money-spinner has returned!) – Buzzworthy are known in North America for their work with Disney and the Discovery Channel. This all looks like very good news for Canada!

Finally, DWAS reports that the BBC is migrating to the High Definition broadcast format, and that Doctor Who will be among the first programmes to be filmed for this format. The BBC plan to be HD by 2010.


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