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The latest Doctor Who Magazine contains quite a lot of news, according to Labourite red-top tabloid The Mirror. Captain Jack Harkness – played by John Barrowman – will be back in Series 3 according to Russell T Davies:

“Jack lovers will have to be patient. Come 2007 and series three, he’ll be strutting back on our screens.

“It’s nice to be able to say that to John because he’s so committed to the programme. He’ll get on with new Doctor David Tennant brilliantly.”

Meanwhile, Davies has also promised never to kill of Rose, and confirms that the travellers will visit alien planets in Series 2.

Finally, Lis Sladen (who is an astonishing 57 years old!) is confirmed in appearing in the episode School Reunion and says:

“My past life is whizzing before my eyes. I was amazed at what was being offered, as it was so much more than I could have envisaged.

“David is going to get sackfuls of mail – he’s incredibly charming and as an actor he can turn on a pin. He will give us a truly iconic Doctor.”

Which is damn fine news – and if anyone would know about iconic Doctors, Lis Sladen would…

(By the way, after clicking on the link, check out the URL – the www bit – in its entirety. Interesting naming convention they have for their webpages…)

SyFy Portal’s Michael Simpson is bigging up the return to the radio waves – and the netwaves – of Paul McGann on BBC7 on Saturday nights. Incidentally, don’t forget if you miss an episode you can utilise the BBCs listen again system, which now utilises both RealPlayer and Windows Media Player.

Somewhere in the mix of the last few weeks we forgot to mention David Tennant’s Starburst interview in any detail. So we will now.

Tennant speaks about the role, including his audition:

“I didn’t have to do a screen test because I’d done Casanova; that became my audition… I’d been working so closely with Russell on that. I didn’t know the role was a possibility then and it probably wasn’t at that point.”

He also talks about taking the role as a fan…

“I think when you take on anything that is as big a deal as this, or that’s as big a commitment as this, you have to think about it… because it’s a long time and it has a lot of attention. The fact that I’m in LA and still talking about it, it’s that kind of show, it’s got this reach.”

David Tennant also talks about the almost instant change in his public profile:

“The letters have certainly started arriving by the van load… but it’s lovely, it’s great that people are so interested. It’s fantastic to be involved with something that’s so loved and people get so excited about. And it’s quite a privilege to be a part of that history, but it’s kind of daunting as well.”

The full interview by Judy Sloan and Richard Houldsworth is available in it’s entirety in Starburst #327.


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