Scotsman Turns on New Doctor

David Tennant looks like a weasel? Who dared to…? Oh I remember – and so does George Kerevan of The Scotsman, who (in the words of the fantastic Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer) “wouldn’t let it lie”.

That’s right, after the whole of Doctor Who fandom had forgotten those wise words attributed by Tennant to a poster on the Outpost Gallifrey forum, some north-of-the-border hack spews it all up again with the aim of filling 400 words of column inches. What’s more, this guy is an “associate editor”! So in brief:

IT IS TRANSFER SEASON once again, that dangerous time when fans have to put up with the misguided decisions of their team’s management. In a trice, hopes can be dashed beyond recall and dreams destroyed totally. So it is with the cruel announcement that Scottish actor David Tennant – misguidedly referred to as a “heart throb” – is replacing that genuine alien, Christopher Eccleston, as the Doctor…the return of the Doctor proved a super nova…Eccleston emerged as a candidate for the best-ever Doctor…disaster struck…Eccleston had quit because he did not want to be typecast…who did we get to play the greatest alien in the universe…The son of a former Moderator of the Church of Scotland.

…etc. Oh well I suppose it could have been worse eh George? The 10th Doctor could have been WELSH!

Down in Oz, fans are gearing for the penultimate episode (already!) of Doctor Who. Sydney Morning Herald (registration required) previews the episode here with deserved enthusiasm, although they do give away the return of the Daleks, as if anyone in that part of the world was unaware…

Finally, the BBC further underline their commitment to Doctor Who by ensuring themselves against the dreaded counterfeiters. According to, security tags and labels are to be added to all products. These are made by an unnamed company and will most likely be holographic. As BBC brand protection manager Rick McEwen says:

‘Obviously counterfeit Doctor Who merchandise would damage legitimate sales and tarnish the brand’s image,’

Of course, image tarnishing of such a brand is something the BBC would never do… Seriously though only poor quality unofficial merchanise would have this impact; but as the article says:

…A security label is useful because it helps consumers by confirming they are buying a legitimate item, rather than a copy or rip-off, and it protects the market for retailers and their suppliers, as well as confirming the brand owner’s desire to protect the property. McEwen also believes the tags will help Trading Standards, or other enforcement bodies, to make instant identification of genuine items in the field. McEwen says despite the fact that it hasn’t been on television for 10 years Doctor Who has maintained an exceptional level of popularity.

In the past, the corporation has found counterfeit Doctor Who posters, T-shirts, and even full-sized motorised Daleks – robot-like aliens that are Doctor Who’s arch-nemeses.

I always thought counterfeit Daleks were called Chumblies!


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