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David Tennant and Ms Billie Piper have spoken to BBC Wales show “Wales Today” about the new series. You can view the item from today’s show at the BBC’s Official Doctor Who Website.

David Tennant has spoken about his feelings taking the role of Doctor Who, according to BBC News website.

Half of the article covers alread established facts, such as Mark Gatiss’ returning to the writing and Stephen Fry penning an episode, however the Tenth Doctor is quoted:

“I’m aware of all that but I try to keep it in my back pocket and just get on with the job… It’s great – you get to play a Time Lord and have a Tardis. You can’t knock that.”

The Doctor has also claimed that he’s playing the part in the altogether! Female First. Probably in The Sun a couple of weeks ago, the actor quipped:

“I’m going to be nude throughout. It’s a whole new thing, with a bit of pixelation around the groin… Casanova and the Doctor have a similar joy and wit about them. There is less sh**ging in ‘Doctor Who’, but who knows? We might change that, too!”

Ninth Doctor companion (and future Tenth Doctor ally?) John Barrrowman is profiled in The Age(registration requires). The Captain Jack actor, described as “a new kind of hero with a flexible sexuality” is quoted on several aspects of the creation of his character:

“It was always the female companion that the men tuned in for. Leela for example was clothed in a loin cloth with her boobs pushing out and Russell said, ‘It’s not going to be the girl this time; it’s going to be the boy!’

“People were also saying, ‘Should we put this on, with the kids watching?’ But if kids are going to get it, they’re going to get it; if they don’t, they don’t! One of the beautiful things about it is that if kids question it, then it’s up to the parents to discuss it, and that’s what good television is about. We can’t treat kids like they’re stupid. A lot of kids today have two dads or two mums. Times have changed and we can’t pretend that they haven’t.”

It’s a good article, have a read!

Australia are currently awaiting Bad WolfSMH.com.au (registration required) provided this tv guide synopsis.

Finally, DWAS have a report of the Invasion V convention held on 23rd July in Barking. Among the guests were John Barrowman, Janet Fielding (Fifth Doctor complanion Tegan Jovanka), Angela Bruce (Brigadier Winifred Bambera from Seventh Doctor adventure Battlefield, Julian Glover (King Richard the Lionheart in First Doctor adventure The Crusades and Scaroth the Jagaroth in Fourth Doctor epic City of Death) and Mickey actor Noel Clarke.


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