The Return of WhoSpy…

Indeed, WhoSpy has returned! The BBC’s Official Doctor Who website’s best feature during the production of Series 1 is back, and features a snap of Camille Coduri… you may also be interested to know that WhoSpy has been affectionately labelled a female:

It’s your daily guide to the filming of Doctor Who. WhoSpy goes everywhere. WhoSpy sees everything – but, cruelly, she only gives away tiny hints, the minx.

WhoSpy promises never to spoil a thing, but she may very well show you very important things in a way you won’t appreciate until you’ve seen the show.

The Times has reported on the 63rd World Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow, an article that is well worth a read – and of course, Doctor Who is massive in those circles at the moment:

And the talk among fans in the halls and cafés is as much about “hard science”, such as the recent shuttle space walk and repairs to the Hubble telescope, as it is of the latest Doctor Who TV series.

Finally, Tom Cardy reviews Doctor Who – Inside the TARDIS on, the tour that has featured Colin Baker, Katy Manning and of course Sylvester McCoy down in Australia and New Zealand. The review concerns Friday’s at the Opera House, Wellington show and is particularly scathing…

Baker, McCoy and Manning did their best, but Ferguson [the host] was out of place and the script wouldn’t have even got past first base for a primary school variety show. The three did inject some humour answering about half a dozen audience questions, but it was ruined by a hurried and clumsy wrap-up.

…sums up the reviewers feelings pretty well, however, it is worth reading for an idea of the show’s format, and how well the Who stars were received.


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