Character Options Emperor Dalek!

16.25 update

Eye of Horus have informed us that Character Options are supplying Toys R Us with an exclusive Dalek Emperor toy! The toy will be available through the Toys R Us website.

…end update have run Molly Watson’s article from the Western Mail, concerning the imminent launch of the new Doctor Who toy range.

The range, which includes the already famous Radio Controlled Dalek and the Sonic Screwdriver pen, is apparently worrying retailers who fear they will be unable to meet demand:

Alan Vaughan, assistant manager of Cardiff’s Comic Guru Presents, a shop that specialises in Doctor Who merchandise, said, “We have people coming in two to three times a day asking about when the new toys are going to come out, everyone’s waiting for them. When they come in we expect them to start flying out the door. In between now and Christmas that’s what everyone will be wanting.”

There is also confirmation that the toys release is behind schedule…

…The toy’s manufacturers, Character Options, said although they are now being distributed there were a lot of delays partly due to massive demand. They are now expected to arrive by the middle of September.

Meanwhile, Galaxy4 have declared demand for Doctor Who merchandise has risen notable:

“Doctor Who is unlike anything else. The new series has attracted a new fan base. But they’ve also managed to retain their older fan base, people who have been fans for over 20 years. That’s a remarkable achievement.

“We’ve already had thousands of preorders for the new range. The most popular toy so far seems to be the sonic screwdriver, because it’s something kids can keep in their pocket, and they can play the role of the Doctor, or Rose. But there’s also lots of collectors, people in their 60s who will be buying them as well.”

Elsewhere, Galaxy4 has revealed some rather interesting new merchandise. Along with the limited edition Product Enterprises Remote Controlled Genesis of the Daleks-type Dalek and the Remote Controlled Talking Davros, wobble-headed nodding Doctors are also available!

Guaranteed to break the ice at parties!

DWAS have reported that Mike Tucker, the BBC’s last permanent model maker who worked on the last series of Doctor Who and is the only behind the scenes link with the original series, is involved in the new series. His new freelance company was discussed at the Red Dwarf Convention “Dimension Jump” at the weekend where he was a guest; it was during an interview that he and his team revealed they were working on the Christmas special and the follwoing Series 2!

Finally, Brian A. Terranova has been shopping and discovered that UK and US Doctor Who DVDs are – or have been – brought into line. What this means is where US DVDs previously had different extras (introductions, etc), the BBC is producing a uniform range whose only difference is the cover art. By way of example, compare the entry for Pyramids of Mars at the BBC America Shop website with the one at the BBC Shop website.

Oh, and Captain Jack watchers – we’ve been informed that actor John Barrowman is to appear on lunchtime topical chatarama “Loose Women” on Tuesday 13th September, ITV. We’ll let you know what transpires…


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