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Friday’s Times featured an obituary to Michael Sheard, the popular actor who appeared in several Doctor Who stories (see last weeks news items and our own obituary). One of his films, “The McKenzie Break” from 1970, was also shown on BBC2 on Saturday.

Notable to the obit is the inclusion of a full list of Sheard’s Hitler interpretations:

He was Hitler in Rogue Male (1976), the sci-fi series The Tomorrow People (1978), The Dirty Dozen: The Next Mission (1985), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) and Hitler of the Andes (2003), a dramatisation based on FBI files of how Hitler might have escaped to South America.

The BBC’s Official Doctor Who site has a review of BBC Books latest offering, Fear Itself. It’s the first of the Past Doctor adventures to feature the Eighth Doctor – curiously though it comes out just a month after his final adventure, The Gallifrey Chronicles and features Anji and Fitz. It is set after his 100 year exile on Earth, and looks to be a fun read. The author is Nick Wallace.

US TV-watching site has run an article about the recent tv comeback of Doctor Who, by Pete Mesling. All in all a good article, but…

One minor problem with the new series is that it plays up the Doctor’s dark side (I didn’t really know he even had a dark side).

Pete has written the article as a man who knows about Who, yet is unaware of the Doctor’s dark side?! He spends several lines wittering on about the first episode and the assassination of Kennedy yet hasn’t picked up anything mysterious or dark about the Doctor? I see…

Finally, BBC News report that their in-development on-demand Internet streaming of selected shows could feature a new Internet TV rating system.

The BBC will carry out a three-month trial with a “G” for programmes that require parental guidance.

BBC editorial policy adviser Rachel Hermer said: “The G label is based in research that told us people wanted a simple, easy-to-use but information-rich system that enabled them to make informed choices about what they watch.

“It offers peace of mind to those members of our audience – particularly parents – who are concerned with what children watch, without losing the freedom offered by the on-demand environment.

“We’ll be using the trial to see if we’ve struck the right balance.”

As this is the BBC’s most exciting project since Doctor Who and given that the show will probably feature, we’ll be keeping our eyes on this one.


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