Tegan to Return…

Yes, the mouth on legs returns – although thankfully not to our television screens. Doctor Who Magazine has announced that Janet Fielding – who played Tegan Jovanka from 1981-1983 – is to return in next summers’ Fifth Doctor adventure from Big Finish. DWM also note that Mark Strickson has been secured to make a much more interesting comeback as Turlough in the James Swallow-scripted Singularity.

Doctor Who Magazine also features a few words from K-9 voice artist John Leeson, who tells that he had written to Russell T. Davies congratulating the writer on the success of Series 1. Armed with the actor’s address, Mr Davies didn’t have to look far for his K-9 voice.

The Sun also has K-9 related news, and decided to get in early with their spoilers. As such, it’s a case of ignoring the white patch below, or highlighting it to learn more:

Doctor Who’s robot pooch K9 will be KILLED in the new series of the BBC1 sci-fi hot. The timelord’s dog is destroyed as he saves the Earth. K9 and the Doctor’s former sidekick Sarah Jane Smith are reunited with the Doc. The battle the evil Krillitanes in an episode next spring when the Doc investigates sinister events at a school. K9 is killed and Darah Jane is left weeping as the Doctor and his assistant Rose Tyler leave in the Tardis. But before her eyes a new K9 materialises and says “I am rebuilt – mistress”. The epsiode also stars Anthony Head. A show insider said “A new K9 appears. He has been assembled and sent by the Doctor. Everybody loves K9 – we couldn’t really kill him off!”

The BBC Official Doctor Who site has a nice new splash page for those wanting to discover what they term “the classic series”. Their latest reading group feature concerns the children of Somers Park Primary School who were given Steve Lyons’ The Stealers of Dreams. The story, which features the Ninth Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack team, seems to have been the most liked of the range so far…

The DWAS news page has noted that this weekend’s Doctor Who broadcasts on BBC3 are a little surprising – Boom Town and Bad Wolf are to be shown together on Sunday evening. Meanwhile, this Friday evening sees the first broadcast of the 15-minute version of the Doctor Who: Confidential titled “Special Effects”.

DWAS also inform that Strictly Ink have announced a new 3-part limited edition addition to their trading cards series. Entitled “Mega Doctor Who Trilogy”, they’re available from October.

Finally from DWAS, the latest Doctor Who novels have attained very high positions in the book charts, according to the Independent.

6. Doctor Who: The Stealers of Dreams, by Steve Lyons

7. Doctor Who: Only Human, by Gareth Roberts

8. Doctor Who: The Deviant Strain, by Justin Richards

To finish today, the theatrical industry paper The Stage’s online incarnation has published an article about the Big Finish Doctor Who audios currently being enjoyed by many for the first time (including myself!) on BBC 7. Featuring an interview with Gary Russell and Jason Haigh-Ellery, the whole article is worth a good read – and features detail about the audio series you would rarely see outside of DWM or a specialist magazine, such as:

“Every time I get a storyline or synopsis, I run it past Russell [T Davies, the TV series’ executive producer] and say, are you doing anything close to this? And if Russell says, ‘no, it’s a great idea’, then we go ahead and get a storyline, and then it goes officially through the production office, goes back to BBC Worldwide and goes round, and eventually they come back with, ‘yes, you can go ahead and commission this as a script’. Nine people check them.

So get it read.


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