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The Industry continues to praise the recent series of Doctor Who, and this time it is the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain union complimenting the BBC in an attempt to secure more funding for UK TV productions. The BBC News Online page also features quotes from member Hugh Stoddart:

“The popularity of the series demonstrates that there is still an audience for quality family entertainment, and that distinctive UK television productions can still provide a talking point for the nation… while some imports and so-called ‘reality’ shows have their place in the schedules, they cost jobs and reduce opportunities for workers in our television industry”.

“At a time of damaging cuts throughout the BBC, and massive expansion of the independent TV production sector, Congress calls on the BBC to maintain a fully-staffed, fully funded in-house drama and comedy production capability, and to increase rather than cut its output…. In this way jobs and skills can be preserved, and UK television audiences can only benefit.”

(The BBC has already announced plans to cut the workforce by 20% in order to invest in programming.)

John Barrowman/Captain Jack fans – no Doctor Who mentions on Tuesday’s “Loose Women” on ITV, but plenty of typically charming innuendo and flirting.

Guilty of a glaring omission – we seem to have missed on the until now lost Dalek clip story reported by unitnews.co.uk on Sunday 11th. The BBC2 show ‘Sunday Past Times’ featured some clips that have been identified by Restoration Team member Paul Vanezis as previously missing. Neither are film recordings, and both are from Power of the Daleks

Stuff.co.nz have reviewed the first DVD release of the new Doctor Who. While they give it 3.5 stars, they do have this to say:

But Tardis diehards might want to wait for a full series release early next year. Whereas the separate volumes are bereft of extras, the boxed set reportedly will boast commentaries on four episodes and the finale.

Finally, Jason Hand of the online paper of Philadelphia’s Drexel University “The Triangle Online” has reviewed the BBC DVD release Doctor Who: Lost in Time. The article features lots of background to the missing episodes, as well as some good old-fashioned honest brutality from the reviewer:

Alright, I’ll admit that I like the late Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor more than Troughton, Hartnell and the others put together, simply because of his witty, quick-tongued, James Bond-like humor and his taking to electronic devices, flashy clothing and the yellow roadster he called “Bessie.” But I feel that a good deal of attention should be paid to both Will Hartnell and Pat Troughton because they practically built the character of the Doctor, from scientific skill to mental prowess to inventive creativity. All of this during the golden age of television, before color broadcasting became a reality in the UK or elsewhere.

As time goes on, perhaps one day we’ll find a way of reavaluting the 1960s lost episodes. That’s just me being opitmistic though. Anyway:

Doctor Who: Lost in Time serves as the window into the Doctor’s roots. Because of that, the series in general now sits in line with the likes of Star Trek, The Outer Limits, Lost in Space and Battlestar Galactica. Like Doctor Who? Itching to see some of the Time Lord’s classic moments? Here’s your window of opportunity.

Of course, we at Kasterborous didn’t need him to tell us that did we?


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