Billie Bond? (Updated) and ITN are both reporting that the lovely Billie Piper – companion Rose Tyler – is in the running to be a Bond Girl!

Billie Piper is apparently putting herself in the frame to become the next Bond girl.

The Dr Who star is said to be taking a few days off filming to meet producers, currently gearing up to shoot Casino Royale.

If Billy can persuade them to let her have a role, she will be lining up next to the new 007 Daniel Craig.

Give him our regards, Billie…

Meanwhile, there is yet more casting news for episodes 5 & 6 – the Cybermen episodes – as presenter Andrew Hayden-Smith of CBBC is cast as “Jake Simmonds”. more information on this is available at the BBC’s Official Site.

Also from the Official Site, you can view the high quality .pdf format Product Catalogue for the BBC’s New Series Doctor Who merchandise. It’s quite a weighty download for those on 56k…

For those of you interested in the Torchwood series, have informed us of the following:

Torchwood Trademark Advertised

First Published | 2005-10-30 11:06:52

The UK Patent Office has published details of a BBC Trademark application for Torchwood.

All applications for trademarks are published for a period of three months for ‘Opposition Purposes’.

Once this period has passed, and assuming no other organisation or person objects to the application, the mark will be granted.

Goods and services the mark is being registered for include audio and video works, toys and clothing.

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is interviewed in the next issue of SFX magazine, tells The Leaky Cauldron. Young Radcliffe is very enthusiastic about the new Doctor…

“I’ll tell you what – I wish there was more of David Tennant in Goblet of Fire. He plays Barty Crouch Jnr. He’s only got a few scenes and he’s brilliant in all of them. He so absolutely, fantastically watchable. I think he’ll be a good Doctor Who. I’ll tell you the truth, I only saw the first episode. I thought Chris Eccleston was great, actually. Very, very good. I don’t watch a lot of TV. I just watch The Simpsons and that’s about it. But I did see David Tennant in Casanova. He’s absolutely fantastic in it. I would love to work with him again. He’s also the nicest person.”

The full interview is online at the SFX website.

Finally, tell us of the appearance by Russell T. Davies at Waterstones, in The Hayes, Cardiff on Saturday. It’s a good article, containing a gem:

TV Studies student Ross Garner, 22, of Eclipse Street, Adamsdown, was one of those in the queue… hoping to get some advice from the award-winning scriptwriter.

“I’d like to get into writing in one shape or form, maybe even on Dr Who itself,” he said. “I have a few ideas and want to ask Russell for a few tips.”

Good luck to you Ross – I just wish we had TV Studies when I was a lad…


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