Christmas Invasion Actor Speaks!

Adam Garcia, who plays “Alex Klein” in the forthcoming Christmas Doctor Who The Christmas Invasion has spoken to Showtime Australia, according to

“I don’t know much. They keep everything so secretive * really secretive! They like everything to keep you surprised” Aussie actor Adam Garcia said of his role in the upcoming second season of “Doctor Who” this week.

Chatting with some grunt from Showtime Australia during the announcements of the iF award nominations, the actor confirmed his taking part and speaks highly of the new Doctor David Tennant – “He is amazing and his dream as an actor was to play Dr Who and then when it was not happening, he was really disappointed but he was like “I’m still gonna become an actor”. Now he actually gets to live his dream and he is marvelous, he really is exceptional”.

He continued about his love for the new show: “I have been a fan of Dr Who since I was (obviously) little and at the read throughs -you know just getting to read the scripts is amazing because they keep them all secret – you get told you’re doing it and then you go “Oh! This is what I am doing!” And then you spend a lot of time looking at walls going “They’re coming straight for me!” pretending things”

While it obviously gives nothing away about the upcoming episode, it is good to see some positive words about the new star of Doctor Who.

Does television broaden the mind or merely bend it? A poll for UKTV Gold, reported in both The Metro and The Sun (as well as at Serendipity – keep up the good work!) suggests we’re losing grip of our senses.

A THIRD of Brits think time travel used in Doctor Who’s Tardis will be possible in the future.

It is one of a string of science fiction ideas that are now everyday beliefs, says a poll.

Another 63 per cent think humans have a sixth sense that lets them see into the future.

A quarter believe in aliens and 40 per cent think tales of UFO abductions hold some truth.

Some 26 per cent think black holes could form the gateway to a parallel universe. Researchers also learned that 12 per cent are convinced we are living in a Matrix-type parallel world situated alongside another.

And 36 per cent believe that warp speed in Star Trek actually exists…UKTV Gold Channel editor Red Johnson said: “Some science fiction myths have come true. The internet was first suggested in the 1984 novel Neuromancer.”

Could it be that television really does have an adverse effect on our senses? Or is it the ultimate tool, capable of misinforming us about world and home affairs one moment before delivering a glimpse of furture, perfect or alternative worlds as soon as the next weather update is complete?

Finally, the Pandora column in The Independent talks about the invites to Nick Courtney’s book launch for his upcoming autobiography, to be held at Red Lion pub in Westminster next week:

“It’ll be a pay bar, but think of this as an opportunity to buy me and the Brig a drink,” reads the invitation. “Look in if you can, and bring friends and colleagues too. We’ll be flogging the book and signing it too. Please pass on this information to anyone who might be interested, and encourage them to do the same.”

The somewhat shameless nature of this invite has sent eyebrows skywards. “Courtney might have paid for us to have a drink,” grumbles one guest. “Mind you, he always was first out of the taxi, and last to the bar.”

Finally, the latest issue of DWAS monthly magazine Celestial Toyroom has reported that Fourth Doctor actor Tom Baker has announced his retirement from public appearances. We’ll report more on this as we get it.


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